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My Bean Seed List

Discussion in 'Fruits & Vegetables' started by marshallsmyth, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. Jan 22, 2013

    marshallsmyth Garden Addicted

    Mar 21, 2012
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    Lake Pillsbury California,
    It took me 2 hours to make this list! Many might seem repeated, but they are different accessions or different growouts, or maybe just different selections. I have these coarsly sorted by where they are.

    21 Jan 2013

    Top dresser drawer, Beans in coffee cans:

    Italian Flat Wax, brown seeded, pole/wax
    Hidatsa Red, bush/dry
    My Rattlesnake selected for years from Seed Saver's, Pole/snap/dry
    Nova Star, Pole/dry
    Rose Bolitas, bush/dry
    Eye of the Tiger unusuals, bush/dry
    Hutterite my selections bush/half runner/dry
    Indian Woman Yellow Main bush/viney/dry
    Burgundy Bolitas bush/dry
    Tierra's Cranberry, Italian Borlotto Pole, pole/dry
    Kim's Italian Flat Green half runner/snap/dry
    Capirame Low Pick horticultural type bush/dry
    Pastel Ojos mix, pole/dry
    Flor de Mayo main pole/dry
    Black Allubias de Tolusa Black Spanish Pole pole/dry

    2nd dresser drawer, Beans in coffee cans:

    Tendergreen bushsemirunners/snap
    Eye of the Tiger main bush/dry
    Hidatsa Dark Shield, not yet breeding very true, pole/dry
    Coco Rubico Long...not the right name! unknown growth, probably dry
    White Rice Bean, my smallest vulgaris, bush/dry
    Anasazi veryviney/dry
    Colorful Bolitas mix, several that lost distinct marks, pole/dry
    Large Chocolate Paiute Tepary bush to tender quarter pole/dry
    Orange Speckled Paiute Tepary bush to tender quarter pole/dry
    Swedish Brown bush/dry
    Mayflower pole/dry
    Black Turtle mixed accessions bush/dry
    Fanomen pole/dry
    Commercial Pinto low pick bushy/dry
    Cherokee Trail of Tears pole/snap/dry
    White Baby Lima bush to quarter runner/dry
    Sangre de Torro perfect bush/dry
    Petaluma Gold Rush pole/dry

    3rd dresser drawer:

    Indian Woman Yellow hi pick tender quarter runner/dry
    Mitla Black Tepary bush to half runner/dry
    Hidatsa Shield Figure Pole/dry
    Tarahumara Purple Ojos pole/dry
    Mrs. Kenealy's Pinks bush/dry
    Wren's Egg unknown growth, probably dry
    Large Flat Orange Paiute Tepary bush to tender quarter runner/dry
    Wide Pod White Greasy, these may be an Appalachian half runner found among my received white greasies.
    Christmas Lima pole/dry
    Tierra White Tepary bush to tender quarter runner/dry
    Paiute Tepary mix, bush to tender quarter runner/dry
    Montezuma Red only tucked in one seed. it short vined/dry
    2 mixed cans of mostly grade "B" seeds, and some i was just not sure of 100%
    Large mixes can come in handy for if there is a loss of the main batches! That's why I still have some of my varieties after moving from Montana and finding I left a box of seeds behind!
    Missouri Wonder special selection pole/snap/dry
    Tierra Hutterite half runner/dry
    Ojo de Cabra pole/dry
    Rio Zape vineyhalfrunner/dry

    Bottom drawer dresser:

    Tierra Louisiana Red unknown growth/dry
    White Seeded Half Runner half runner/snap
    Golden Lima pole/dry
    Blue Speckled Tepary Typical tepary growth/dry
    Dow Purple Pod pole/snap
    Kentucky mix pole/snap
    White Seeded Kentucky Wonder pole/snap
    Greasy Grits pole/cutshort snap/dry
    Tierra Gold Tepary tepary growth/dry
    (reading glasses!)
    Reverse and Unusual mix
    Capirame Late Pick Horticultural pole/dry
    Hopi Beige Lima quarter to half runner/dry
    Chile Kidney unknown growth/dry look like louisiana
    Tierra Tan Bolitas unknown growth/dry
    Blackeye Cowpeas vigorous half runner/dry
    Special mix Flor de Mayo pole/SHELLY/dry
    Deep Orange Paiute Tepary, 2 shades Tepary growth/dry
    Small Chocolate Tepary Tepary growth/dry

    Bottom drawer, small plastic dresser, in cans:

    Tierra's Yellow Eye Ham Hock quarter runner/dry
    Tierra Flageolet viney bush/dry
    Baddas pole/dry
    Large White Commercial Lima bush/dry
    Tennessee Green Pod, mixed accessions bush to half runner/snap/dry
    Coco Rubico Standard forgotten growth!/dry
    Missouri Wonder older accession pole/snap/dry
    Italian Flat Wax White Seeded Pole/snap
    Mt. Pima Plum pole/dry
    White Navy<<<guessing identity. unknown growth/dry maybe Cassellini?
    White Greasy pole/snap
    Blue Lake Bush and Shumway Experimental Bush mixed bush/snap

    Small plastic box marked good socket set. In envelopes from here on:

    shorter pod selection white seeded kentucky wonder pole/snap
    Original received seed of White Seeded Kentucky Wonder pole/snap
    Missouri Wonder unusuals pole/snap/dry
    White Mccaslan Sallee/Dunnahoo family strain pole/snap
    Original (mixed) received seed White Greasy, may have 4 varieties in it pole/snap
    Mayflower pole/dry
    Hidatsa Shield Figure pole/dry
    Tendergreen bush to runners/snap
    Bush Blue Lake bush/snap
    Shumway Experimental bush/snap
    Unknown small brown seeds
    Indian Woman Yellow multi growth patterns/dry
    Tennessee Green Pod bush to half runner/snap/dry
    Darker Beige Seed
    Medium Beige Seed both may be italian flat wax brown seed or may be Dow Purple Pod must've gotten interrupted packing them
    White greasies that dry to dead. I did save some seed!
    Missouri Wonder, old original received seed pole/snap/dry
    Ha! Not Telling mix. yep. i forget what they were!
    It was to be a joke on my own future self! im laughing!
    Italian Flat Wax Grey Seed, immature brown seed. pole/snap
    3 packets mixed beans
    Wren's Egg unknown growth/dry
    Yellow Seeded White Greasy...could it be? Gotta grow them to see!
    Greasy Grit selected pole/cutshort snap/dry
    Paiute Tepary Mix Tepary growth/dry
    White Greasy Big Seeded selection pole/snap

    Small Blue Plastic Box:

    Tarahumara Red Eyed Bolitas from Tarahumara Purple pole/dry
    2 kinds of black seeds picked high and late 2 years ago. unknown
    Tennessee Green Pod, long seed selection can't remember growth/snap/dry
    Black Eyed Cowpeas vigorous half runner/dry
    Indian Woman Yellow mix of extra large and extra small seeds viney/dry
    Mt. Pima Plum Pole/dry
    Blue Speckled Tepary, selected for best speckling, tepary growth/dry
    Dow Purple Pod, fat pod selection pole/snap
    Indian Woman Yellow Large seed selection viney/dry
    Mix of beige and white seeds...go figure!
    Darker Pintos from bag of 15 bean unknown growth/dry
    White Half Runner Appalachian Dunnahoo/Sallee family original seed half runner/snap
    Tan Bolitas from Flor de Mayo pole/dry
    Lighter Pinto from bag of 15 bean unknown growth/dry
    Commercial Pinto Mix unknown growth/dry
    Yoeme Beige Bolitas from Yoeme Purple String pole/dry
    Paiute Beige Tepary tepary growth/dry
    Mixed Tepary tepary growth/dry
    Indian Woman Yellow older seed viney/dry

    The Stars, enveloped in 2 cans:
    All are pole/dry

    True Brown Star
    Brown Stars, almost no stripe
    Brown Stars, striped one side
    Light Purple Flor de Mayo Star
    Deeply colored Flor de Mayo Star
    Rose Flor de Mayo Star...BEST SHELLY, EVEN RAW, OF ALL!
    The Browns Stars Mix
    Taupe Star Bolitas
    Taupe Star Larger Fat
    Taupe Star Medium
    Shooting Stars
    Night Stars
    Some extra mixed Stars in bottom of Bustelo can

    Black Star Bolitas
    Black Star Fat Larger
    True Black Star Large Flat
    Blue/Gold Stars
    Brown Stars with prominent gold stripes on both sides
    La Llave can

    Beans in the Starbucks box:

    Orange Speckled Paiute Tepary...these will still have some bright orange unspeckled offspring
    Greenstring from White Greasy 2 packets, short pole/snap not very immune to problems!
    Flor de Mayo pole/dry
    Paiute Tepary mix
    Paiute Orange Tepary
    Tierra "extras" mix
    Glossy Brown Mt. Pima Plum...May be from harvesting wet pods? pole/dry
    Capirame mix mixed growths/dry
    Large Orange Paiute Tepary
    Large Flat Orange Paiute Tepary
    Main Orange Variations Paiute Tepary
    Paiute Orange Tepary Mix
    Tierra's Gold Tepary
    Tierra's Cherokee Trail of Tears pole/snap/dry
    Ojo de Cabra pole/dry
    Tierra Baddas Pole/dry
    High Mowing's Rattlesnake

    ViaSat box, enveloped:

    Dark Stars, grade B seed
    Red Eyed Indian Woman Yellow (small faint red eye)
    Burgundy Kidney selected from Burgundy Bolitas
    Cool mix of Small Chocolate and Tierra White Teparies
    Double Sized pod White Greasy pole/snap
    Black Turtle best selection, survivor! bush/dry
    Burgundy Bolitas half runner half runner/dry
    Indian Woman Yellow reddish podded, from 1 plant viney/dry
    Black Allubias de Tolusa Spanish, striped pod. (late in season) pole/dry
    Indian Woman Yellow big seeded viney/dry
    Nova Star, first few pods to appear, pole/dry
    Burgundy Bolitas Pink Podded bush/dry
    Bush Black spanish de tolusa, may be Black Coco bush/dry
    Burgundy Bolitas red podded bush/dry
    Speckle Podded Pinto vineybush/dry
    GREENSTRING HEALTHY! I DID SAVE SOME before plants withered. half runner/snap somewhat creasebacked
    Wide Pod White Greasy pole/snap or half runner?
    Rose Bolitas strongest plant among strong plants. bush/dry super productive by numbers
    Small Horticultural half runner half runner/dry
    Fanomen pole/dry
    Smooth Chocolate Paiute Tepary
    Biggest Orange Paiute Tepary, almost cutshort!
    Biggest Smooth Chocolate Tepary
    White Greasy best plant pole/snap
    High Mowing Rattlesnake

    Envelope box in desk drawer:

    Brown Star Greasy needs better name pole/dry/snap
    Special Flor de Mayos found among Stars pole/shelly/dry
    Flor de Mayo Stars, mixed colors pole/shelly/dry
    True Large Flat Stars mixed pole/dry
    Ojo de Flor Star, may be F2 seed. Pole/dry These may segregate to several forms.
    Pink Podded Flor de Mayo pole/shelly/dry
    Pastel Purple pole/dry just appeared. maybe from capirame mix.
    Capirame Late Pick, striped Pod, pole/dry
    Red Seeded Borlotto Podded Bush/dry
    White Greasy red tinged pods pole/snap
    Another possible F2 from Flor de Mayo pole/dry faint tarahumara purple ojos stripes
    Tarahumara Purple Ojos biggest podded plant pole/dry
    black coco bush/dry
    2 generations in row indian woman yellow cutshort viney/dry
    High Mowing's Rattlesnake pole/snap/dry
    Burgundy Bolitas half runner/dry

    WHEW! Another 2 hours typing!
  2. Jan 22, 2013

    baymule Garden Addicted

    Mar 20, 2011
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    Southeast Texas
    Marshall, have you considered starting a bean seed catalog? :lol:
  3. Jan 22, 2013

    thistlebloom Garden Addicted

    Dec 2, 2010
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    North Idaho zone 5 /4ish
    Whoa Marshall!!
    You've gotta be the King of Beans!

    But I just want to know where you put your clothes?
  4. Jan 22, 2013

    marshallsmyth Garden Addicted

    Mar 21, 2012
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    Lake Pillsbury California,
    Thistle, that is a very real problem for me! Wellp, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams. I have a tall pile of pants and coats based on some big cardboard boxes in the corner of my bedroom near my bed. :th I need another wardrobe and dresser :p
  5. Jan 22, 2013

    journey11 Garden Addicted

    Sep 2, 2009
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    WV, Zone 6
    You could, really.

    Wow, Marshall. That is really something. How did you get your collection started? With your passion and knowledge, you really should be doing SSE.
  6. Jan 22, 2013

    Jared77 Deeply Rooted

    Aug 1, 2010
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    Howell Zone 5
    They are right you know Marshall. You should make a catalog with what you have. Or maybe talk to one of the established companies like Baker Creek or another heirloom seed company and if they'd like to work with you. That's REALLY REALLY REALLY impressive list.
  7. Jan 22, 2013

    ninnymary Deeply Rooted

    Dec 7, 2009
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    San Francisco East Bay
    Marshall, 6 of those colorful beans are mine! :tongue ;)

  8. Jan 22, 2013

    marshallsmyth Garden Addicted

    Mar 21, 2012
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    Lake Pillsbury California,
    Hey guys, my collection here is just an amateur job of it, and the stage it's at right now is where I need to organize it better. As can be seen, they are in boxes, cans, and envelopes, at least mostly well labelled, a few not so well labelled, but in no real order. Organizing these puppies should be my next task.

    My collection of actual varieties is small compared to the great collections, and in serious need of more varieties, knowledge, and leadership. I'm an ole employee kind of guy. I need to remember to self manage.

    How did it get started?

    Well, I have a few more packets in my regular garden seed boxes, you know, where I have my Toimato and Cantaloupe seeds and things. In among those packets is some bush purple podded bean that also makes tender runners. Way back in the late 1960's I got some of these seeds from, well, I can't remember if it was from dad ordering them from Shumway or if it was from the nice people at a local nursery on West College Avenue in Santa Rosa. Not even sure of the exact variety name, but I think they are an older version of Royalty Purple Pod. I grew those in my gardens as a kid. When I joined the Army my parents boxed up some of my clothes, including my socks drawer which is where I kept my seeds back then.

    Many years later I moved to Montana in 1986 after my parents moved there. Lo and behold, they gave me the box of my old clothes! Ha! There were my socks! Some still good, my favorite old kind of socks too!!! Opening the socks out plopped a beige Bean seed in perfect shape. I made a small garden at their place, planted it, and, wow!, that Purple Podded Bean grew! There was also a Squash seed. It too grew. That one was the old fashioned Golden Hubbard standard variety that had tons of vigor unlike the newer versions that have lost their vigor! There stuck in another pair of socks were my Cosmos seeds! There were a few other seeds too.

    There followed then some years of gardens, and some years I didn't have a place to garden. The years between my 3 years in the army band and 1986 had some gardens, mostly at my sister Laurie's place, which by the way, was always heirloom, and my brother in law had Brandywine Tomatoes, somehow even before there was a Seed Saver's Exchange. He passed on before I got a chance to find out how he got them, but I think he knew someone, like maybe John Jeavons or one of Alan Chadwick's hippy or merchant marine friends. One was some kind of professor I know that.

    So there were years of gardening excitement, and years of smoldering, wishing I had a garden. Beans. So friggin' beautiful! Grow so easily too! Up in barely zone 4 southwest Montana about a mile up, don't be fooled by it being any kind of southwest. Air is bone dry cold in the long winter there. The sharp mountains lift the sudden summer rains and turn them into hailstorms in August. So quick and tough varieties need to be grown in gardens there. That was the time when I began noticing my seeds taking over first my sock drawer. I finally figured out how to cross pollinate Tomatoes. My tomato seeds have their own box. Some are getting old. They also need to be listed and organized, as do my squashes.

    My collection is growing, is small and amateurish, and yes, it is time to organize it, grow it more, and take some next and further steps!
  9. Jan 22, 2013

    marshallsmyth Garden Addicted

    Mar 21, 2012
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    Lake Pillsbury California,

    Yes, they sure are NinnyMary! Much more than 6! Come on up to the lake for a day drive!!!

  10. Jan 23, 2013

    ninnymary Deeply Rooted

    Dec 7, 2009
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    San Francisco East Bay
    Marshall, I just might. Seems like that's the only way I'll get my beans!!!! Maybe when the weather gets nicer. How far are you?


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