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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    @flowerbug I think you might have solved the mystery. I definitely am not visited by any squash bees. I'm also probably the only person in the area who tills my garden, but I'm planning not to do that next year. Let's see if the squash do better next year. :)
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    Winter Squash & Pumpkins

    Wow, those are beautiful!
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I've noticed lots of wood in even my potting soil, pretty big 1" chunks too. To be honest, I just used top soil in the green house this year and mixed in a little fertilizer, and it has been doing great. I have 3 different species of bees in my garden that I recognize, but I don't know what...
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I think the soil may be too fast draining in one of the locations. The other 10x20 gets 12+ bags of compost every year, and I recently started fish fertilizer during the growing season which really seemed to help with stunting, a problem I had previously. No, the water it's not salty. I do...
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I’ve tried growing in 3 locations. One is partial shade, the other two are full sun. In one area they have a drip system. The other two get watered with a hose at the stem. I’ve no idea about air flow. The house certainly blocks the air in one area, but the other two are in the middle of...
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    @DigitS - My backyard is swarming with bees all the time though. I'm capturing at least 3 a day and booting their little butts right back out of my house when ever I leave the door open. It's possible they're here but busy with the geraniums, but you'd think they'd have at least a minute for...
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    @flowerbug and heck, @baymule and @digitS' what do you think? This is a fruit from the plant, but it's very likely to drop off. It's turning yellow just like the others. This is the plant itself, it seems fine and healthy to me. This is a dropped off fruit. This is a diseased zucchini. I...
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    It's something I'm personally doing wrong, and if you have any thoughts @flowerbug I'd be ever so grateful. I know its me because my neighbors are unloading their various different squash on me on all sides. :idunnoAll of them have cucumbers, zucchini, and butternut squash that are just fine...
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I'm starting to think my daughter may have a real talent and passion for gardening. I put tomato cages, upside down, around my butternut squash and melon in the grow tent so they would have something to climb on. She immediately took the last one and copied me. She also helped me picking...
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    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Just saw my little butterfly on picture of the week. Thank you! :)
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    Wishing Aftermidnight a Happy Birthday

    happy birthday!
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    Baymule’s 2020 Garden

    I don't mind butchering animals after they're already dead, but I hate killing them. Way too much blood and it goes everywhere and gets on everything. >.< I really admire you getting through that.
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    Weather Where You Are

    It is clean and raining now, but this is what the smoke was like just a few days ago. For reference, same spot no smoke:
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    This is Luke

    That's so hard. :( Sorry to hear about Luke, he was a good boy.
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    Cosmo spring garden 2020

    I know right? And here I am pulling weeds in the immediate area next to a few red tomatoes so I can photograph them.