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    Greenhouse kit

    I have that same greenhouse, I'll give you a couple of tips. Order extra clips to hold the panels in. If you have high winds the panels may blow out if you don't secure them with extra clips. Figure a way to hold the doors shut. If they blow open during a wind event the panels take a beating and...
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    A few random questions.

    G/Rabbits I cut my ferns and then cover my bed with rabbit droppings from a friends rabbits. This seems to make for a great crop of asp. every spring. THANX RICH
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    ISO: Riding Mower Grass Catcher Tube Replacement

    If the dia. of your hose is correct you may try a piece if hose used on a clothes dryer outlet. I think a dryer hose is about 4" in dia.You can probably check at any big box store for the dryer hose. THANX RICH
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    Some people are unable to sign on TEG?

    It happened to me a couple of times over the last few days. I just went to other things and the next time I tried it would work!!! THANX RICH
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    What do you think

    Choot him!!!! THANX RICH
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    Okra..In Missouri of all places.

    I'm in MO. and up until this year I grew okra. This year I didn't grow anything and my old okra customers are having a fit. Around here I was about the only person that grew the stuff, and I never ate any of what I grew!!! THANX RICH
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    Tell me of Kohlrabi

    When I grew them I harvested when they were green. I never tried using the stems or leaves. I used the body like cabbage. THANX RICH
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    Four Monthes of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance ```

    If China isn't to blame then let's just blame it on the good old USA. I believe if China had let the world know about this earlier, the rest of the world would have been a lot better off. If it's racist to put the blame where it belongs, then I'm racist!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANX RICH
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    Four Monthes of Unprecedented Government Malfeasance ```

    Is this about Holland's govt???? THANX RICH
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    Help! Poison Oak Rash!

    Whenever I get into PO the 1st thing I do is wash with Fels Naptha. Then I get a hold of the DR and he calls in a RX for steroids. They come in a pack where you take the 1st row of 7 or 8 the 1st day and each day after that you take one less total for the day, spread out over the day. By the...
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    I have yet to know of anyone that has or has had covid 19. I do hear of someones friend of a friend who they claim had the affliction. My personal opinion is the it's just another flu virus that goes around every year. It's just a shame that so many people have been affected over something that...
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    Watering in a green house

    Put your containers in the greenhouse. Put them in some sort of pan and be sure to put holes in the bottom of the containers you have the seeds planted in. Water only from the bottom by pouring you water into the pan you have the seed containers in. The way I tell if they need to be watered is...
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    My dog swallowed a ball this morning

    That was pretty quick thinking!!! Glad it all turned out OK. THANX RICH
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    New here!

    As opposed to Pennsylvania, England!!! Welcome. THANX RICH