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    A few random questions.

    I was going to get the weeds out of mine and put some compost on top. I have read you keep the ferns until fall. I have not really cared about this new spot I picked for my asparagus, so many weeds and a bad place, but I did get more this year. I cut the ferns and took out big weeds and I was...
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    Grandparent bragging

    He has beautiful eyes! The sun is so bright today and pretty out. I hope DD gets a picture of Evelyn outside. I have one yesterday but far away. She loves the snow too, but DD not so much. LOL She has to bundle her up and the baby and go out and let her play awhile. Going to warm back up into...
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    What makes You an "Easy" Gardener?

    To me an easy garden is health. When I feel good, things are easy. I thought I felt better this summer, but the last month, I feel so much better than even that. I can't believe how bad I felt. I had at one point had trouble with the wheelbarrow feeling very heavy and even a sack of cat litter...
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    What makes You an "Easy" Gardener?

    I have a 13-1/2 year old cat named Mister. He is an inside/outside cat. He is slowing down but the other day he was chasing something in the yard and it was a mouse. He killed it. He kills anything he can catch, bugs, birds, mice. I had to get rid of my bird feeders years ago when he was young...
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    What makes You an "Easy" Gardener?

    I feel the same about mulch. I do not want any place they can find food. My neighbor has mice and he has dogs and sacks of dog food and he acts like just normal to have mice if you have dogs. :thHe is doing a lot of cleaning and hammering around his place and I do not want any mice moving over...
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    Weather Where You Are

    Snowing. Took a wheelbarrow of rabbit manure to garden and got it spread. Moved firewood to the porch. Going to go back out and give rabbits some new straw. They had ice on their water bowls this morning first time. Got a fire going, put a pot of beans on, and see how much snow we get.
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I got my garlic planted the other day before the rain started and pulled weeds after it rained. I am making lots of piles to be hauled to the dump. I picked the last of the green beans. We are going to have a lot of wind tomorrow.
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I remember your story about the dehydrator. I like dehydrated tomatoes too and I did dehydrate yellow squash and zucchini into slices. I would eat them like chips. DD has my dehydrator at the moment and made deer jerky and is getting ready to make more.
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I put some more cardboard down, but DS said it might be awhile before he gets more. I have so much rabbit manure, I was looking and thinking I want the rabbit manure on the grown and not on top of the cardboard, so the rest of it, I am pulling the tall weeds and take all the rabbit manure and...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I turned the dirt for the garlic and hauled in rabbit manure and some rabbit manure compost. I turned that in. I have bought the garlic, but I am going to wait another week maybe and go out and keep raking around and getting weeds out. I will put cardboard around the edges of the garlic. I...
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    Planting grass seed

    Well, I was just going to buy some grass seed that grows in the shade. These are English walnuts, but I have read about they are not good for the garden, so I have raked them and hauled them off. They usually just kind of all fall at once when it gets a real cold day and they will be on the...
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    Growing in your bare spots

    I just posted a question about planting grass seed under walnut trees. Would it work if I put some grass seed down and then covered with hay and then when the leaves fall, carefully take most of the leaves away and try not to disturb the hay? The walnut leaves are big leaves and seem to just...
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    Planting grass seed

    I have an area under 2 walnut trees where the old rabbit hutch was and I want to plant grass there so that next year I can put some things out there for the kids to play with and have grass. Can I plant grass seed now or should I and what happens when the leaves fall? Should i rake the leaves...
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    Fruits and Vegetables

    One of my favorite cereals in the morning was Shredded Wheat and I think it has directions on the box to pour hot water over it. My mother made it like that and then you put sugar and milk. I absolutely went nuts over that. lol
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    I have hardneck.