12/14/2015 - Hey there everyone, it is time for an update now! Thank you for viewing my page. I am a happily married woman, living with my husband in central Alabama on a plot of land we call Wolf Branch. We are currently working on building a cabin from lumber we've milled ourselves, and right now the floor is almost finished on it! We have 4 dogs, 5 chickens, 1 rabbit, and 2 ducks on our homestead (hoping to add a goat or two next year, and a female Angora rabbit sometime soon). Next year, we will be offering heirloom Indian corn seed and possibly heirloom watermelons too. We also sell homemade/recycled art, lumber, fur, and eggs. Please stop by again soon, as I will be updating this as time goes on. Thank you, and God bless you all!

-Fala and Richard (
August 12
What Are Your Favorite Plants
Corn, Tabascos, Peas, Okra
Homestead Wife/Self-Employed


Proud caretakers of chickens, ducks, and a handful of pups. Please check out our Etsy and our TeeSpring for crafts and fun farm merch! and



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