Hey there! My name is Jeremy Cohen, but my friends call me JC. I'm a photographer turned gardener who lives in Portland, Oregon with my two boys and my amazing wife. Gardening has always been my passion, and it all started when I was just a little kid helping my paternal grandfather tend to his garden. He taught me everything he knew, from planting seeds to pruning roses, and I've been hooked ever since.

As a photographer, I have always had an eye for detail and a love for capturing the beauty of nature. When my boys were born, I decided to take a break from photography and focus on being a dad. But as they grew older, I found myself spending more and more time in the garden, tending to our little slice of paradise. It was during this time that I realized how much I missed capturing images, so I started documenting my gardening journey through blog posts and photos.
June 16
What Are Your Favorite Plants
snake plants, roses


I'm rooting for you.


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