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  • I've got this mystery bean that I found in my stash. Kidney shape, similar color and pattern to Russ's "Blue Jay" bean. I think that it is probably one of those European bush snap types. I have the name right at the tip of my tongue, think it starts with an "M" or an "N." Do you know the variety?
    Hi Marshall,

    I want to plant some peas today on my trellis. The only problem is that I will be planting tomatoes in the same place the end of March. I could mark where the peas are but I think they will both be sharing the trellis at the same time.

    I don't think this will work. What do you think or suggest?

    No, Peas and Tomatoes at the same place does not sound like a good idea.

    Here's a better idea! Since Peas are so beautiful, go to your front yard lawn and cut out a circle about 4 foot across. Plant the tall Peas in there, and make a nice colorful trellis in there for them to climb on. Folks will think they are sweet Peas.
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    Hello! I have searched a rolled all over this darling site just to find aplace tto let you know that I would love to have some of your seeds. I think this is awesome. I do this every year locally...for Christmas gifts & anyone who wants them. I know not where to send you my address though. If you could help me out there that would be great.
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