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    Goin' to the Dogs!

    So sorry to hear of your loss.
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    Glad you are okay. Thank the Lord.
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    DUCKS for THEE in 2023

    So sorry for your loss. That is always hard.
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    Sentry, Baymule’s Livestock Guard Dog

    Glad he is feeling better
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    Waiting to hear that story. Hope all goes well for all your fur babies
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    Having the same problem with okra. have never had problems till last year and again this year.
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    Buford T. Justice Baymule’s LGD

    So glad I read that wrong and that she is still growing.
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    Buford T. Justice Baymule’s LGD

    So sorry for your loss. Know you will get Buford trained.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    Love all your adventures. Thanks for sharing.
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    Baymule’s Yard

    How very thoughtful. Great neighbors.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    Wow can you spare some of that energy. All looks good.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    So sorry for your loss. Always hard to see them leave us.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    Thank you for sharing. Fun to go on your vacation.
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    Lost my beautiful old horse

    Sorry for your loss.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    Wow what a day. Will be watching to see how she well she will do with all the TLC.