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    Baymule’s Farm

    And your not up to par????? Amazing have a great time.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    So glad to hear he is coming home. Take care of yourself and know you will him.
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    Baymule’s Farm

    So great to hear how well you are doing.
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    Joy in the Little Things

    Will be thinking and praying for a successful and not too painful surgery. May the Lord's hand be yourcomfort and strength as He provides the family and friends to offer their suoort.
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    Tomato 2022

    I freeze my tomato soup in qt bags. Lay them flat on cookie sheet till frozen then they stack easy in the freezer.
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    great to see you posting again
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    In Memory of Trip

    Beautiful tribute. But sorry to see you posting a tribute. Know a hole is in your heart at the moment. May the Lord bring you comfort.
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    The Most Beautiful Flower

    Thank you for sharing such a beautiful tribute. may the Lord comfort you during this time of grief.
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    @pjn, your weather?

    We had gusts to 65mph and lots of rain. Came thru fast. Hit just as leaving church, wild ride driving home. All is well. Not aware of any damage around me and none here. Thanks for asking. The sun is out today. Beautiful day.
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    Grandparent bragging

    He is so cute. So sorry to hear that he has been ill. pray he is turning the corner.
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    Your Weather, 2022

    Glad to hear you and yours are okay. Bad area to have a tornado with all the people.
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    Goin' to the Dogs!

    Great to see you.
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    Take care of yourself. Feel better soon.
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    Oh my what a whirlwind. be safe and take care of yourself
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    Your Weather, 2022

    We got 8" of snow yesterday. 11 this morning. Sun is out. Chilly