For 30 years our 2 acres were open pasture land for our horses. After the last pony left us for greener pastures, we began to look at our land with a new eye and built 8 or so flower and vegetable gardens in the open spaces. We converted pasture land to mowed lawn, and when a small forest grew up on the hill behind our house, and a forest of pussywillows populated the wet area surrounding our brook, we began to re-forest other sections. One of the benefits of this land conversion is the eco-system that has grown up, and the wildlife that it has attracted. Except for the necessary removal of wasps and hornets that like to nest in the eaves of house and barn, we eschew all toxic chemicals. Our final vision is for the property to look like an arboretum, peppered with colorful flower beds. It is still a work in progress.
Vermont, USA (zone 4)
What Are Your Favorite Plants
phlox, daylilies, snapdragons


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