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    Other than Agent Orange...

    I feel you, I have been in the same scenario a few years ago, you will need to kill everything and start over and that is the only permanent solution to it as far as I can tell the Johnsongrass is very hard to get rid of. what i did was to get two of the best weed killer liquids out there and...
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    kikuyu grass - where can I get some starts?

    I also go for the Buffalo grass its the best for people who are looking for low maintenance, what I did was to rent a core aerator (that over seeds as well) used it to over seed and aerate the lawn (I think 2 years ago) and from then on in, I have rarely done anything for it, I do aerate it once...
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    Stinging nettle everywhere! Help?

    You should try a root remover... it goes down almost 1.5ft+ and takes out everything it catches, I remember I had almost the same problem... I was so upset I took out almost half square foot of the earth almost 1ft deep and threw it... added new... now I am thinking of aerating the lawn... did...
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    Murray 36" Lawn Tractor Drops RPM's Then Stops

    Glad you got it fixed, and hope it works for you well into the future. For me I am still renting a tractor for the local home depot tool rental.
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    Finally aerating my lawn.

    I think you can aerate and seed together, you can get one of those aerators on rent from some tool rental that will aerate and seed as well and you'r good to go.
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    new member here....

    Welcome to the forums... I think it takes 20 odd posts or something to post links...
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    Oriental Lilies from my garden

    Loving the pictures.... !!!
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    Cute rabbit