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  1. SPedigrees

    Free: New Mason Bee House and extra bee tubes

    I was given this by a well-meaning relative, but the problem is I'm terrified of bees (and other stinging insects)! I co-exist with bees that visit my gardens and I understand their ecological importance, but I draw the line at inviting them to take up residence on my property, even this...
  2. SPedigrees

    How to handle problem with Lawn Mowing crew

    Easy gardeners on this forum have been very helpful and insightful in the past, so perhaps I can get some guidance as to how to deal with a problem I'm having with the crew who mows my 1 1/2 acre of lawn. The situation is this: my husband died this past spring. He used to mow our lawns with a...
  3. SPedigrees

    Rugosa Rose problems and questions

    Last year my rugosa rose looked great and seemingly it was on its way toward becoming the 4 to 8 foot tall shrub I had hoped it would become. (1st image) Now it looks like this (2nd image) Where have I gone wrong? I assume I should cut down the dead branches, but why did they all die off...
  4. SPedigrees

    Milkweed flowers wilting.

    I have many "wild"areas on my property where I allow/encourage the growth of various native wildflowers, both for their own sake as well as for the wildlife that they support, native milkweed among them. This year all of the purple flower heads on the milkweed are wilting, instead of forming...
  5. SPedigrees

    Daylily disease - Need ID

    This year seems to be a good one for daylilies, and my daylilies do well most years. I have a wide variety of types of daylilies, from the feral ditch dwellers to various cultivated varieties, and they are all healthy..... with one exception. The Canadian Border Patrol daylilies that I planted...
  6. SPedigrees

    New member from Vermont

    Hello to everyone from the Green Mountain state. My husband and I are retired. We moved from Boston to Vermont in 1972 and bought our home on 2+ acres the following year. For 3 decades our land was open meadow for our 4 horses, but now, after the death of our last little pony some time ago...