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    Pecan tree or Mulberry tree for chicken yard

    We bought a mini-farm last fall and currently doing work on the old house, so we haven't moved yet. In the area where we will move our coops to is shaded by a black walnut tree, a silver maple, and a sick grandeflora type magnolia. The trees are actually on the other side of the fence, smack...
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    Paste tomato recommendation

    Currently I'm raising Speckled Roman paste tomato and would like to add another variety to my garden next year. Is there an heirloom variety that's prolific AND tasty? ETA: I'm in zone 6B.
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    Curled bean pods

    I raise Emerite, a vining green bean on an 8 ft trellis. There's some minor leaf damage from Japanese beetles and bean beetles. No rust present. The Emerite beans will form both nice, straight pods as well as short, curved ones--even on the same plant. Any idea what causes the curling?
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    searching Zipper Cream Pea seeds

    Anybody have these? did, but they sold out already.
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    Dehydrated okra - excellent!

    If you like okra in soups & stews, using dehydrated okra is super easy AND delicious! I planted more than enough okra--on purpose, ;)--so, I thought I would try dehydrating it instead of trying to freeze it. :woot It turned out great! Just slice and dehydrate until crisp. No blanching...
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    When can I plant peas for a Fall crop?

    It was way too wet to work the soil this spring in time for a Spring planting of peas, so I'm hoping that fall planting will work for my location. I'm in northeast TN, a few miles from southwest VA, about 40 miles from the NC 6...the first killing frost occurs near October 15th.
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    need a list of SAFE evergreen shrubs

    We will be redoing the foundation plantings at the back of the house and the west side. The area around the back deck used to have ornamental grasses and dh decided he doesn't like that look anymore and wants some evergreens instead. The back deck stands 5 ft off the ground and the area...
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    another way to freeze green beans? Update--see post #7

    Just wondered if anybody has used a shortcut in freezing green beans as a woman I know did. She washes the fresh beans, pats them dry with a towel (she said this is a must!), breaks them, the freezes the beans in a vacuum-sealed bag. She totally skips the blanching step that most have us have...
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    Yellow Crookneck vs Scallopini?

    At the moment I'm poring over my favorite seed catalogs, trying to decide on growing a different yellow squash variety or stick with the heirloom yellow crookneck. Is there any difference in taste between the yellow crookneck type and the scallopini (pattypan) squash?
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    best electric chipper/shredder?

    What brand/model do you recommend? I'd rather have electric--less noise and no fumes! I just need something that will shred garden debris and leaves to expedite the composting process, so something that chews up big sticks isn't needed.
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    Biodynamics anyone?

    I just ordered the Stella Natura 2008 calendar and a couple of books from AcresUSA so I can learn more about Biodynamics. Is there anybody here (or know of someone) that has tried this?
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    rainfall predictions for 2008

    Has anybody heard anything regarding the weather predictions for spring/summer of 2008? Last summer was the driest on record for my area and lake levels are still way, way down.
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    Growing your own sod

    Has anybody done this? Usually I do "spot repairs" by sowing grass seed and putting up a make-shift fence with poultry netting. Thanks to last year's exceptional drought, this wasn't an option. There's a bunch of dust bath holes that need fixing! :rant I was thinking of using the black...
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    the Living Wall growing system

    This system is being used in Paris apartments & restaurants in Italy. It looks perfect for people living in condos or handicapped gardeners. Wouldn't it be great for nursing homes, to somehow make a "green space"? Hmmm....maybe even on a coop wall or shed wall? Outdoor version Indoor version
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    Preserving your garden's bounty

    It's not too early to think ahead! :coolsun This book is next on my "to buy" list: Preserving Food Without Freezing or Canning by Gardeners & Farmers of Terre Vivante Maybe this: Making & Using Dried Foods What I do have: Wild Fermentation by Sandor Ellix Katz here Stocking Up by Rodale...
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    Axel Erlandson's arborsculptures

    Here's a link to some extreme pruning!
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    I'm in northeast Tennessee (Blountville, TN) :D