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  1. Cosmo spring garden

    Cosmo spring garden 2021

    Yes it is :). Hopefully I can sell some this year.
  2. Cosmo spring garden

    Cosmo spring garden 2021

    It's been busy two weeks. I have all the seedlings I will need for spring crop. I just need to direct seed carrots, radishes, beets (some I've started in trays), peas and some greens. Wr also received our bare root fruit so we planted those last night. We have two potted pecan trees which we...
  3. Cosmo spring garden

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Started chard and beets today. And peas were planted last week. I am officially out of seed trays and cells so I need to pot up some spring seedlings. We also planted 8 fruit trees yesterday and have two pecan trees to plant.
  4. Cosmo spring garden

    Here's where you need to start

    "Let the mixture stand for 24 hours, well covered, stirring two or three times in an up-and-down motion to introduce oxygen into the mixture."
  5. Cosmo spring garden

    Cosmo spring garden 2021

    Thank you for asking. I've been so busy I haven't had time to update my thread. I'll do it now since I'm here. In zone 7a the garden is still mostly sleeping. My garlic is doing amazing and we are getting some salad greens from the greenhouse. Inside the house the garden is booming lol. I have...
  6. Cosmo spring garden

    This fall’s mint

    Dobyou harvest the flowers of the anise hyssop for the tea? I'm growing it for the first time this year. Any tricks for growing it from seed?
  7. Cosmo spring garden

    This fall’s mint

    What a great idea!
  8. Cosmo spring garden

    Naked-seeded pumpkin project

    How interesting! Thank you for that great reply! I did know that kakai flesh is not tasty and was going to toss that to our chickens. Thanks for letting me know about the seeds sprouting. I will harvest the seeds quickly.
  9. Cosmo spring garden

    Naked-seeded pumpkin project

    I bought a packet of hull less pumpkin seeds from etsy, it's called kakai. Have you heard of that variety? I'd be happy to try yours as well. I also grow other squash so they will cross pollinate. Let me know if I can help.
  10. Cosmo spring garden


    I planted 2 last year and neither grew leaves😐. I bought them from TN nursery. They were good about giving me store credit when I called and told them the plants didnt grow.
  11. Cosmo spring garden

    Happy Birthday Dear catjack1975

    Happy birthday! !
  12. Cosmo spring garden

    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    Me too. I cant grow beets either. I still try tho lol.
  13. Cosmo spring garden

    Cosmo spring garden 2021

    A new year and new dreams and plans. It was fun to document my garden progress last year so I'll do it again. And this group is awesome and I learn so much from you all! I also started a blog where I'm going to post more pics as well. I got a soil test done for the first time and the ph is...
  14. Cosmo spring garden

    Eva's #3

    I want to know as well!
  15. Cosmo spring garden

    Nursery recommendations?

    Stark brothers products and customer service are great! I've ordered from them before and I have no complaints.
  16. Cosmo spring garden

    Eva's #3

    Oreo! It's not a number but it's delicious.
  17. Cosmo spring garden

    Good Morning from Alaska

    Hello! I'm in Alabama too, on sand mountain.
  18. Cosmo spring garden

    New Member in Grovetown, GA

    Welcome! You also might want to check out for communities in your area.
  19. Cosmo spring garden

    Good Morning from Alaska

    Welcome! Alaska is on my bucket list of places to visit.