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  1. Cosmo spring garden

    Cosmo spring garden 2021

    A new year and new dreams and plans. It was fun to document my garden progress last year so I'll do it again. And this group is awesome and I learn so much from you all! I also started a blog where I'm going to post more pics as well. I got a soil test done for the first time and the ph is...
  2. Cosmo spring garden

    When to plant onions?

    I planted granex onions last year in February which I started from seeds. This year I had planned to do the same but I read somewhere that the earlier you plant the bigger the bulbs are. I'm in zone 7a. When do you grow your onions? Do you prefer starting from seeds, onion sets or small plants...
  3. Cosmo spring garden

    Aphids or spider mites?

    I am confused as to what these are. They are on the tomato plants. Any ideas? I thought they were spider mites but I think they might be aphids?
  4. Cosmo spring garden

    Cosmo spring garden 2020

    I feel like I've been hijacking other people's threads so I'll start my own. This will also help me to see the progress of my garden. We are a family of 4, living on sand mountain in Alabama zone 7A. We moved here 4 years ago. The garden used to be grass and weeds. And it's all clay! Red...
  5. Cosmo spring garden

    Questions about well water tests

    We had a well drilled 2 months ago on our property. Its 108 feet deep with lots of water! We haven't hooked it up to the house yet because we wanted to get the water tested. I bought a kit from Lowes and we performed the tests. It came back positive for iron, copper and coliform bacteria...
  6. Cosmo spring garden

    Any ideas what these are?

    They grow along my driveway and get afternoon shade.
  7. Cosmo spring garden

    Planting bare root blueberry bushes

    I ordered 10 from a nursery in tennessee. I have never planted bare root plants. I'm in zone 7 and I need to plant them ASAP. They arrived today and I plan to plant them tomorrow. Does anyone have any advice for me? They look pretty healthy (for a dormant plant I guess lol). I called the...
  8. Cosmo spring garden

    Do you ferment?

    If so, what is your favorite thing to ferment? I fermented some peppers and they are good! I have loads of peppers so I'll be busy fermenting this next week!
  9. Cosmo spring garden

    She would not stop until....

    She hatched more! This little cochin bantam hen was a broody mess almost the entire spring and summer. I bought 5 fertile eggs in may and let her hatch them. 3 hatched and she raised fhe chicks. She went broody 3 more times but I did not want more chickens. We already had 36 by this time...
  10. Cosmo spring garden

    Short day onion variety recommendations?

    Anyone recommend a short day onion variety? I tried some random variety I bought from walmart 2 years ago and it didn't bulb well. The color of onion doesn't matter. I do like sweet onions tho but I won't be picky! I'm in zone 7 north alabama.
  11. Cosmo spring garden


    I bought 3 different varieties of elderberry plants to plant on our property. But after reading that they can spread really quick has me second guessing the location I had chosen for its forever home. We Have a large garden and our original plan was to plant them towards the end of the garden...
  12. Cosmo spring garden

    Hello from sand mountain Alabama!

    Hi everyone! I'm so excited to be part of this group. I love to garden and after three years I finally canned tomatoes! I am so excited!