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  1. Alasgun

    A few nice pictures

    These are entered here as they have nothing to do with the farm and shouldn’t be considered picture of the week submissions. They are simply some nice ones, of which i have over 100 from 15 years of boating in Prince William Sound and the Gulf of Alaska. hope someone enjoys them. Each has a...
  2. Alasgun

    Fred Flintstone Periodontal tool

    Way back when, back when we had square wooden tires, we had a “pandemic” come rolling thru the land called Aids! It did and still does, impact people all across the globe and was a huge topic of discussion for many. In the early 80’s the Dental community was concerned due to the types of...
  3. Alasgun


    To say we “celebrated”our 45th anniversary last week would not be entirely true! Recognized might be a better choice of words. We had a nice meal here at the place, left overs actually; corn bread stuffing and homemade ice cream from Thanksgiving, a rabbit some kobachi custard and a salad. It...
  4. Alasgun

    Local food sustainability group!

    In our every changing world, food sustainability has come into focus as people have concerns about shortages etc. Locally a group was recently formed, comprised of concerned citizens from all sectors with a desire to learn, share and or provide what they can to a common cause. Pretty cool...
  5. Alasgun

    This fall’s mint

    Being big tea drinkers, we grow chocolate mint, peppermint and mojito mint. This photo is what we took from those and dried. what’s not shown and a new favorite of ours is Anise Hyssop! This year that bed is being expanded.
  6. Alasgun

    Tribute to my Grandmother

    Granma Hall hailed from W.Va, she was my Momma’s momma and has been gone for many years now. As a young child, my fondest memories are of her sourdough buckwheat pancakes which they ate with sausage gravy! I’ll be 70 in a couple weeks and have spent a lot of time trying to replicate those cakes...
  7. Alasgun

    One Alaskans greenhouse

    Due to our short season and the challenges that presents, a greenhouse is essential if you want to reliably grow some things up here. we grow tomatoes, cucumbers, pole beans, bush beans, celery, parsley and summer squash in ours. initially there were shelves around the sides and we placed...
  8. Alasgun

    Compost = decomposed organic matter

    The word Compost covers a lot of ground which we try to utilize in many ways. We started with a worm bin which proved to be a lot of work for the return, it worked fine but i’m generally busy enough that i watch for ways to cut effort / maximize return! Vermi-composting was painfully slow when...
  9. Alasgun

    Good Morning from Alaska

    Good Morning from the Mat-su valley, S. Central Alaska. A week ago i discovered the BYH site where i’ve found a lively group of kindred spirits! Baymule mentioned this group and since Gardening is a large part of our lives these days, i took a look. We run a 100% Organic operation which includes...