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  1. flowerbug

    My son is very smart

    i really meant to come back and delete that post about acclimation, but i guess too late... i just know for a fact that heat is addictive. :)
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    Unscheduled flight

    even some good epoxy paint with some grit sprinkled on and then the 2nd coat over may help along with gripper edges. cleats on shoes do a lot of damage to wooden steps. i had to fill ours in when i redid them a few years ago.
  3. flowerbug

    My son is very smart

    not always on cereal, but it has been known to happen... tabasco was always available here even when i was a wee sprout. i didn't use it on much, but it was a critical ingredient in chili sauce we made way back then.
  4. flowerbug


    our family friend who passed away last fall at the age of 95 or so had a bad case of polio and was always having a hard time walking or getting around. he did not have braces and rarely used a cane or a walker but he was not a fast walker and it was never easy. i'm not sure at what age he got...
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    What are You Eating from the Garden?

    we're just thawing out some of the strawberries i put up last summer for shortcakes this evening, but instead of cakes we're going to be using cookies. :) this afternoon i took the garlic in from storage in the garage and opened it up to see how it was doing so i could pull a bulb out of there...
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    My son is very smart

    :) great! i know that libraries aren't popular places, but i always spent a lot of time in them learning all sorts of things. as somewhat dyslexic and could not see very well it wasn't picked up on right away so formal classrooms are not the best places for me to learn. i do better...
  7. flowerbug

    My son is very smart

    your body can acclimate to it. i don't go super hot but i do like some heat on a few foods. the best way to start out is to use something of a known spicyness, like a bottle of sriracha sauce. it has some heat, but it isn't nearly anything like a habanero or ghost pepper. i'd never give one...
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    AMKuska's 2021 Garden

    yes! and the more wind exposure like a porch or deck may even make that faster.
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    2021 Little Easy Bean Network - Bean Lovers Come Discover Something New !

    i'm pretty sure that windrowing bean plants is a common practice in some areas to get them to finish up and to be ready for combining after the plants/pods have dried enough (but you also don't want them to dry too much as for some beans that means more breaking of the beans as they are processed).
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    AMKuska's 2021 Garden

    if you are having problems when moving plants in and out it may be from the change in the brightness of the sun and the plants not be accustomed to it. normally when hardening plants off to go outside i put them in dappled sunlight for a few days before i move them out further for a few more...
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    2021 Little Easy Bean Network - Bean Lovers Come Discover Something New !

    did you pat him back and say you've got some new pink garden gloves for him to wear this coming season? :)
  12. flowerbug

    Garden humor thread..

    the fog of age is that you don't look and you don't care. :) for me that is morning. i get better as the day gets going. i think i begin to care about bed time. all humor aside. i'm a horizontal organiser aka clutter and layers are good with me. i keep track of where things are by memory...
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    Hello from the middle of NH

    welcome to TEG from mid-Michigan. beans you say?! :) haha! what types did you grow last season? any favorites? i have a hard time deciding favorites as i like them all. this area is a large producer in the small navy pea beans, which i've eaten so many thousand pounds of over my life that...
  14. flowerbug

    My son is very smart

    if you start talking to him about saving and investing he'll be set. :) for one, the stock market will teach him about scammers and trying to evaluate different investments against each other and the risks involved and having some idea of savings and investing for the long haul would be a help...
  15. flowerbug

    Here's where you need to start

    the closest book didn't have that many pages. bad sign? next closest book: "He may not even be able to explain why or how his memory dictates this answer to the question, and yet be sure and deservedly sure, that his reply is a sincere and reliable dictate of memory."
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    Unscheduled flight

    give Thomas plenty of hugs from all of us and enjoy being able to hang out some more with him. and, yes, of course, please be more careful! gravity don't let go.
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    Quotes and thoughts for the day

    combining in a twoferwon: it can be a heady brew.
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    Garden Construction?

    yes the coarser volcanic ash usually drains pretty well, 8-10 feet a season of rain is about triple of what we'd get here (and for the mainland and eastern area of the country this is considered pretty wet compared to the western states). nutrient and garden topsoil retention with that much...
  19. flowerbug

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    mebbe he's been able to teach a gopher to crochet? :) i remember all those Bugs Bunny cartoons of old with the carrot roots poking underground and him down there just enjoying the feast. :)
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    Artichoke Lover’s 2021 Garden.

    not hungry enough. human urine will not stop a hungry deer either. i've sprayed cedar trees with various mixtures including urine and had deer back munching them within 30 minutes. the fences work the best. i don't bother with anything else now.