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    rusty garden tools

    So I was not so diligent on the care and keepin of my tools. But I have seen the error of my ways. But how do I bring them back from the brink of destruction?
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    Lowe's brand cow manure questions?

    Anybody use this? Is it equal or similar to the Black Cow Brand? I use the BCB for my roses and they love it! but it is so expensive and As my garden grows I can't keep buying that much. So I want to look at the Lowes brand which is half the price but don't want to if it is worthless. So if...
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    sowing zinnias and marigolds

    So how do I do them? I grew some zinnia from seed last year and they grew but it was like Mid-March. I sewed some in my Mini-Greenhouse (unheated) and it has been like three weeks and nothing zilch. Should I resow or just wait till they warm up a bit. (Gosh it has been so nice like it is 60...
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    The horror the horror

    I love my entire collection of seeds. I am uber bummed. I lost new seeds for planting this spring, old seeds, just seeds. What happened was I left them at the honda service center as there was confusion on the service of my car and I had gotten a ride to fand from work. And in the...
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    Seed rant

    So I am getting ready to sow my tomato seeds and I open a packet from Parks that I bought last spring but didnt get around to using and .... It only had 2 seeds in it. 2 out of what was supposed to be 30. I am going to let Parks slide cause I have used them so much but I am throughly irritated.
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    Does my carrots have nematodes?

    So I have a few carrots out there and I pulled one to check if it was ready and found this. It tasted very sweet but could it have nematodes or is this normal.
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    Pics from my winter fall garden with some questions

    So things are still alive after our early cold snap and my absolute neglect. I often come home in the dark and am totally scared of a dark garden that is where serial killer wait for you. But I still have things growing and now I am wondering what to. Within the next month it is time to...
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    So who want some free canna Lilly seeds. These are red and are free for you for just the price of a double stamped envelope. So let me know who wants some.
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    My fall southern garden

    So I am not tryin to brag (ok so yes I am, I am a southern northern eded in who has finally succeed in having a fall garden, but I digress). So my peppers and eggplant are still producing. My little thai hot pepper that I thought was a serrano is a delight. I would say it started to change...
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    So I bought a nice size about 8 ft Ligustrum today on clearance at lowes. It was only like 20 bucks and I thought it was a good deal at the time. But I didn't know what it was when I bought it I thought it would be a large shrub big tree and the guy said it smelled good. So high on the smell...
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    Yay for new hibicus'

    The local water park (in Baton Rouge. LA) was closing for the season and so they sell all their hibicus for 5 buck or 4 if you buy over 10 so me and a guy at work bought a couple. I ended up with a Pink Semiole, a Painted Lady, and a Edward la Plante, and a mystery one. My favorite is going...
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    Cotton seed meal?

    Anyone use it by itself as a fertilizer? It is in the mother earth new article in their fertilizer recipe. But as I was surfing the net a few article mentioned just adding it by itself to flowers like pansies. I bought a huge bag like 50 lbs so i could if it was ok.
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    Knockout Rose in a container

    I have two concrete containers (sort of big but definitely not small) and I want to plant them in the front of my driveway with a pink knockout each. So will they make it in a container? I think they would be so pretty there but want to make sure they will be happier there.
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    Thithonia seeds - Mexican sunflowers

    I grew a few of these this year and they are absolutely gorgeous. They tolerate poor handling, neglect, poor soil. I can give free seeds to those who want them. Just PM me. ETA: Please send me a SASE for the seeds. Thanks Natalie
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    broccoli spacing

    So I went to a master gardener seminar last week and found out that the space between broccoli is related to head size. The guy said that 12 inches apart results in a 4 in head but 18 inches apart results in 10 inches. That would give me a pretty good idea of how i got such tiny heads. But...
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    I am getting attacked. These little suckers are completely decimating my garden. They are also attacking my butterfly weed. I need to spray somthing but it has been raining every day for a week now (and heavy heavy rain) so I can't really get out there. What are the chances for survival of...
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    Anyone growing Hostas in the South

    I bought a few hostas on sale at lowes for a buck. And then I researched them and found out that they need a winter dormancy period and are not usually grown past zone 7. Anyone grow hostas south of 7 and have them look nice big and pretty?
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    Something is eating my cukes

    I finally got two tomatoes off of my second planting of them and they have little hoes in them? What could be causeing this? So far this has not happened before.
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    Something turning my cukes/peppers/eggplant leaves in to lace

    I know it is a beetle but I read conflicting reports on what to do about them. I have read that most damage is aesthetic and should be left alone. I also read that damage can be damaging. In my opinonion I think they are damaging my plants. What do you feel?
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    Passision Flower

    Mine has not bloomed this year. Any advice on it?