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    Hardest weed to get rid off.

    I was just wondering what is the biggest battle anyone has ever fought with a weed. We are currently waging a battle with wild blackberries after years of letting them get of hand. Some of them have started climbing trees and they have reached the top of the thirty foot tree. I was pruning...
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    Wolf berries suppliers in Canada

    Do any Canucks know where to get wolf (goji) berry shrubs. I've looked at all the garden centers around me and believe me there are a lot and a few of them had them last year but not this year. They are supposed to be one of nature's ultimate superfood. Originally they are from the Tiberian...
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    South Surrey British Columbia.

    The almost best place to call home if it weren't for the fact sardines have more room in their cans and the soil is clay where I'm at. Takes forever to dry out, and it rains ALL :rolleyes: winter. Think the record is close to 40 consecutive days of measurable percipitation. That was in 2006 if I...
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    What do Red Wigglers eat

    Already got a response back and they said that they eat both. However they can only eat soft foods so freezing works really good.
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    Whats your favorite veggie

    Call me crazy but I bought some triple sweet jubilee corn picked half an hour earlier at a little stand that a farmer had set up and oh my didn't even cook it but devoured half a dozen in half an hour. I have never tasted anything that sweet and it's a shame I wouldn't taste it this year as I'll...
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    What do Red Wigglers eat

    Thanks for the link I emailed them and am niw awaiting a response. The website I read that about them eating the microbes is He's posted a few videos on youtube about how to set up worm bins. Anyways see what they say. Once again thanks.
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    What do Red Wigglers eat

    Alrighty I was just curious I read somewhere else where a person who has been vermicomposting with Red Wigglers for over a decade stated that they eat the microbes that break down the food. Thus he recommends letting the bin sit for a week once it has been prepared before adding the worms, and...