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  1. curly_kate

    Bay laurel

    Anyone have experience with growing one in a pot? I put a small plant in my flower bed early this summer and dug it up before a frost. I'm wondering if there's anything I should do to make it happy inside.
  2. curly_kate

    Minimizing casualties when digging potatoes, and other questions

    It never fails that when I dig potatoes, I end up spearing some. And naturally, they are ALWAYS the most perfect, most beautiful ones. I'm using a pitchfork and trying to start way out from the plant and work my way in. Is it just inevitable that there will be some losses? Also, I have more...
  3. curly_kate

    How late can I move my perennials?

    I'm in zone 6, and I'm itching to "redecorate."
  4. curly_kate

    Hoop House Growing

    My dear, sweet, wonderful DH is building me a hoop house! In addition to growing veggies in it, I'm going to see what I can do with starting perennials from seed. Anyone know if there would be any benefit to starting the seeds this fall & overwintering them? I wasn't sure if they'd do...
  5. curly_kate

    Bumblebee sting!

    Saturday afternoon, I got stung on the arch of my foot by a bumblebee. I had the expected swelling and INCREDIBLE itching, but I was expecting that it would have subsided by now - at least the swelling. But today when I got home from work, I found that now my ANKLE is swollen too! I've gotten...
  6. curly_kate


    DH came home with these 2 little guys last Friday. He's named them Bacon & Pork Chop. They're really skittish, and DH is working very hard to make them tamer. He doesn't understand why I keep warning him that it's a bad idea.... I'm determined not to get attached to the adorable...
  7. curly_kate

    Recovering from a sunburn

    What was supposed to be just an hour or so in the garden yesterday morning morphed into a four hour work session. :rolleyes: The sunscreen I put on about halfway through didn't do much, so I'm pretty crispy. I did discover that acv really does take the sting out of it, but man, I'm STILL wiped...
  8. curly_kate


    I just finished a flower bed and it is overrun with pillbugs (aka roly polies). Will they damage my plants? Its a north facing bed outside of a basement walkout, so it's going to be damp no matter what.
  9. curly_kate

    Respiratory illness in broilers?

    We've got a bunch of cornish crosses and have had 2 die in the past 2 weeks. They get lethargic, but never completely quit eating/drinking, have a hard time breathing, and twitch their heads a lot. I was reading about infections laryngeotracheitis, but it seems like that would have taken out...
  10. curly_kate

    Landed my dream job

    Too bad it's only a couple of days a week! I'm working at a local garden center! They are paying me to talk to people about plants!! And the best part - I get plants at cost! The only trouble is that they run a tab instead of making me pay right away for every purchase. This is going to get...
  11. curly_kate

    Shrubs for total shade

    Hello hello hello! Long time, no see! I've been busy, but am dying to start on a new garden - probably the most challenging one yet. I'm landscaping the basement walkout, which is on the east side of our house. There is an ugly concrete retaining wall that I need to beautify. The only trick...
  12. curly_kate

    Growing Crack-Free Heirlooms

    I've decided to take my summer hobby of selling at the farmer's market more seriously this year to see if I might be able to make a little money at it. Since the big sellers have the "usual" stuff covered, I'm going to see if I can grow some things that are a little more unusual. Not bok choy...
  13. curly_kate

    I'm officially a master gardener intern!

    So this past fall, I finally did something I've been talking about for a while: becoming a master gardener. I finished the class portion, and now I need to do 35 hours of community service to earn my master gardener status. The classes were definitely interesting, but I'm more excited to start...
  14. curly_kate

    Calling all goat people!

    So my poor little guy, Lucky, seems to have a urinary stone. :( I feel horrible about it because I know it's because I wasn't feeding him right, but he's doing a little better than yesterday. My wonderful vet left an Acid Pack at the office for me on Saturday night, so I've been drenching him...
  15. curly_kate

    Any unconventional insomnia remedies

    So I have always been a bad sleeper, but since Monday I have not been able to get more than 4-5 hours of sleep a night. Needless to say, I'm the walking dead right now. :\ I've done all the usual stuff (meditation, yoga, benadryl, melatonin). Anyone have something unusual that they've done...
  16. curly_kate

    Sky Pencil Holly dying

    I have a row of 4 sky pencil hollies that I planted back in May/June. One is half dead now, and the other is about a quarter dead. I'll get a pic, but really all you'd see is a plant with half of its leaves dead. Anyone know of common problems with them? Naturally, I have no idea where my...
  17. curly_kate

    The kids have arrived!

    These two came home today. I'm in love! :love The black & white one is the wether, Lucky, and the all black one is the doe, Clover. They were born at the 4H fair, so that's where they got their names.
  18. curly_kate

    "Proven Winners"

    I'm not talking about the ones the manufacturers claim are proven winners, but the ones that have proven their worth in your garden. This year, I planted scaeveola in my full sun bed, and have been SUPER impressed. It's a groundcover and is going gangbusters. The other new one I've really...
  19. curly_kate

    Overwintering Annuals Indoors

    So I have a few annuals in my garden that I'd like to see if I can save over the winter. I remember my mom bringing in geraniums, covering them with paper bags, and leaving them in the garage all winter. Has anyone had any success with doing that with other annuals? The ones I'd like to save...
  20. curly_kate

    First attempt with edible landscaping

    After a second year where the strawberry patch has gotten completely overwhelmed by weeds, I decided to put them into the flower beds in front of my house. It seems silly, given the amount of room we have out here for planting, but I figure that putting them somewhere that I already keep...