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  1. curly_kate

    Bay laurel

    Anyone have experience with growing one in a pot? I put a small plant in my flower bed early this summer and dug it up before a frost. I'm wondering if there's anything I should do to make it happy inside.
  2. curly_kate

    Mice, Can't Live With 'em

    So annoying! I lived with mice for many MANY years until we got a calico who is a mouser. Then we built a brand new house and haven't seen a mouse inside since. Doesn't stop me from looking for mouse dropping under the sink or cabinets. Old habits die hard, I guess.
  3. curly_kate

    EZ Soups

    Funny to be reading this while I'm eating morel & rice soup! I'm another one who ALWAYS orders soup at a restaurant. The link is for one of my all time faves.
  4. curly_kate

    At war with the cat...

    We have a cat who showed up at my door one day when she was about 6 months old. She's a great mouser (and has even caught a mole or two!) and the best thing is that she's housebroken. No litter box needed in this house! :weeeWe had nothing to do with that, though. She came to us that way...
  5. curly_kate

    Out of This World Brussel Sprouts

    I hated brussels sprouts growing up, but that was because my mom cooked them to mush and then drown them in butter. I make oven-roasted sprouts, which are delicious. A local restaurant does them fried - but not with any kind of breading - and dresses them with a balsamic sauce. The other...
  6. curly_kate

    Privacy "Pod" in the New Home

    I'm not exactly sure what you were doing, but this is how I do it: Click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner. Type in the search bar what you're looking for. Voila! When you hit the magnifying glass for the search, there's also a list of categories, and you can click 'food and...
  7. curly_kate

    So Many Cooking Blogs!!

    It can be a little hit & miss. Honestly, the best money I've spent is on a Cooks Country membership. I've never made a recipe I haven't liked. But now that it's up to $35, I'm thinking I might need to just by the cookbook.
  8. curly_kate

    So Many Cooking Blogs!!

    I'm a Pinterest addict. You need to sign up to use it, but it has a search function specifically for recipes.
  9. curly_kate

    How late can I move my perennials?

    @Ridgerunner - I have the plants. The vines are annuals here too.
  10. curly_kate

    Minimizing casualties when digging potatoes, and other questions

    Any ideas about what makes some of them knobby?
  11. curly_kate

    How late can I move my perennials?

    I pretty much want to move everything! But it's mainly phlox, echinacea, black eyed susans, and shasta daisies. You're probably right about doing it when I can, as opposed to "should." :) That's a good rule of thumb. I was thinking that moving them as late as possible will save me some...
  12. curly_kate

    Minimizing casualties when digging potatoes, and other questions

    It never fails that when I dig potatoes, I end up spearing some. And naturally, they are ALWAYS the most perfect, most beautiful ones. I'm using a pitchfork and trying to start way out from the plant and work my way in. Is it just inevitable that there will be some losses? Also, I have more...
  13. curly_kate

    How late can I move my perennials?

    I'm in zone 6, and I'm itching to "redecorate."
  14. curly_kate

    Hoop House Growing

    Thanks for the suggestions, guys! I'm hoping that since I'm further south, maybe I'll have better luck. Our neighbor down the road has an orchard, and has hoop houses for some annual crops. He has pretty good luck, but he's got a much more professional (aka expensive) set up than I do.
  15. curly_kate

    Hoop House Growing

    My dear, sweet, wonderful DH is building me a hoop house! In addition to growing veggies in it, I'm going to see what I can do with starting perennials from seed. Anyone know if there would be any benefit to starting the seeds this fall & overwintering them? I wasn't sure if they'd do...
  16. curly_kate

    Baxter Black (Cowboy Poet) On eating Vegtables.

    Too funny! What makes it is totally his delivery. :)
  17. curly_kate

    MOLES ...argh!

    I was actually getting on here to ask the same question! I've been tolerating them in the yard, but they're tearing up my flower beds now. They perennials have weathered the turmoil, but the *&#^ creatures killed a bunch of annuals. I was going to move a bunch of flowers around this fall, but...
  18. curly_kate

    The great Blue Heron

    Gorgeous! We have one who hangs out at our pond. Drives DH crazy because the bird is eating "his" fish, but he has to put up with it, being married to a bird nerd and all!
  19. curly_kate

    "How's Your Melons Doin'?"

    MN midgets have always been pretty reliable for me. Right now, I'm looking at lots of melons, but no ripe ones. They need to hurry up and get on with it already!
  20. curly_kate

    2015 wheat

    DH & I went to Bloomington over the weekend to visit friends. Things look BAD there. So much standing water in the fields, and yellow beans and corn all over the place. :(