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  1. WildBird

    Winter Gardening

    Wow, interesting! I'll keep that stuff in mind!
  2. WildBird

    Winter Gardening

    Probably 'hot beds' and 'cold frames'. We'll see how it goes! Some of the robins near my place stayed here year round. I guess we can trust the birds to tell us how hard or mild the winter is going to be.
  3. WildBird

    Winter Gardening

    That's smart, but I think I'll take the risk:fl Thanks for the welcome! I'm in western Idaho, I don't know what elevation. The winters here aren't too bad, and this year we haven't got more than an inch of snow and probably won't until next year. Very rainy winter. If it has to be cold...
  4. WildBird

    Winter Gardening

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum. If it is I absolutely wouldn't mind if a staff member or whoever does that kind of stuff moves it. I recently read a book on winter gardening and am fascinated with this method (the book is "Backyard Winter Gardening" by Caleb Warnock)! I plan to start as...
  5. WildBird

    Hello from Arizona!

    Welcome! Agreed, gardens are worth it despite the effort!
  6. WildBird

    I'm Kindof A Big Dill

    Welcome! My best tip is to to just do it! Don't spend forever worrying over every detail, just set a basic plan and do it! The rest will come.
  7. WildBird

    Quotes and thoughts for the day

    You were born an original, don't become a copy.