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  1. Lickbranchfarm

    Lickbranchfarms 2021 GardenThread

    Hey guys, long time no see Lol. Well with deer season closing and finish up on some major obstacles with the house remodal, Life is finally getting back to some sense of normalcy. Anyway, I got started on my cool season seed starting recently, and wanted to get a traditional garden thread...
  2. Lickbranchfarm

    Lickbranchfarms 2020 Garden

    Well after a long spell of taken it easy, I am ready to get back to playing in the dirt. Cleaned all the seed starting equipment up last night, got my shelves cleaned off, went through and picked out all of the seeds for my tomatoes and peppers this year. I did change a few things for this...
  3. Lickbranchfarm

    2019 Deer Harvest

    I have been way to busy to keep up with things like I have in the past, and right now we are still "camping out" so to speak so I don't have a place set-up for processing like I did at our old house. Anyway, I wanted to share this...My grandson went with me deer hunting a few times last year...
  4. Lickbranchfarm

    Lickbranchfarms 2019 garden thread

    Well, with all the rain its made it tough to do anything in the big garden. I did cut all the dead Asparagus back. Plan to add another round of wood chips to the top soon. Fire ants had taken up residence on one corner so I had some stuff the Linemen guys use around transformers, good stuff...
  5. Lickbranchfarm

    Deer Season 2018

    Figured since we do garden threads on vegetable harvest, the ones that wish too can follow along during the deer harvest season here in North Carolina. We have a pretty long season beginning first of September, Until dusk on New years day. 3 different seasons in one, Archery, Black powder, and...
  6. Lickbranchfarm

    Any good blueberry Jelly - Jam - Preserve Recipes?

    Friend of my son called yesterday, they just moved into a new house this past spring, Backyard full of blueberry bush's, told us to come get what we wanted........sooooo Saturday my wife and one of her many sisters are going to get some. Hoping to be able to put some up while we're canning this...
  7. Lickbranchfarm

    New pressure cooker/water bath canner

    Ran across a deal last week at Wallyword. Presto 16 quart canner/pressure cooker, $35 bucks. I know right, I looked at them during deer season they were $100. I had planned to use it for canning Okra and vegetables, plus putting up Old tough yard birds, deer and rabbit (sorry Major Lol). I cut...
  8. Lickbranchfarm

    Apple tree's?

    I have been looking to add some apple tree's to the farm this year, I want to plant 2 golden delicious apples and 2 red delicious apple tree's. I read that they will pollenate each other, with no ill effects, is this true, or do I need to keep them separate. I had planned to plant them up a road...
  9. Lickbranchfarm

    Lickbranchfarm's 2018 Garden thread

    Like most I am itching to get started In the garden. Our garden consist of roughly 1.5 - 2 acres, depending what's In season. I try to incorporate enough to be used by my family, plus sell at the local famers market to help off-set some cost. I do my gardening with a tractor, a 1956 Farmall...
  10. Lickbranchfarm

    Tomato seeds ordered!

    Surfing through some tomato threads and found, never used them before ,checked them out, had all my regulars, got my order in for the following.... Better Boy VFN Hybrid Cherokee Purple Brandywine Husky Cherry Red Hybrid Flats ready to go, getting my tables cleaned off, plan...
  11. Lickbranchfarm

    Hello from North Carolina

    South central N.C. we can throw rocks over the S.C. line .Found this site checking out BYC. Lots of good knowledge here. My wife and I have a good size garden every year, we're hoping to get into the local farmers market this year. Hoping to learn lots, looking forward to spring.