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  1. henless

    A henless garden, 2019

    Well, I guess I better get my thread started since I've already been working out in the garden for this year. Here it is in the beginning. All asleep and just waiting to start growing. I put the large pots at the ends of the beds for planting flowers in this year. Last year, I planted some...
  2. henless

    Kale chips

    I made some kale chips the other day using my dinosaur kale. One batch I flavored with Himalayan salt, and the other batch I used parmesan cheese. They were ok. I didn't like how they just went everywhere in your mouth right before you swallowed them. I picked my granddaughter up from school...
  3. henless


    How many of you grow asparagus? Do you feel is worth committing a whole bed or garden section to asparagus? What, if anything, do y'all plant with your asparagus? I'm fixing to start my asparagus bed. I was just wondering if I really want to use a whole bed for just asparagus. I know it's a...
  4. henless

    henless' garden, 2018

    Well, I think it's about time I started a garden thread of my own. A place where I can post what I'm planting, how it's doing and any changes I need to make for the following year. I started a few years ago with a small 10' raised garden bed. This progressed to a BTE garden. I decided...
  5. henless

    Hello from East Texas!

    I've been reading on the site for a while, and decided it's time to join and introduce myself. I come from BYC, so there are a number of people here I recognize. :frow I have a small raised bed that I've been doing some gardening in for the last couple of years. This year I wanted to expand...