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  1. Mosquito

    Charcoal for soil building

    Has anyone been reading about using charcoal for soil building? Scientist have found that the rich black Amazon soil was intentionally fertilized with charcoal over 1500 years ago and it is being sold today as "black gold" soil. Unlike compost, it can last thousands of years in the soil...
  2. Mosquito

    What did you can (freeze, dehydrate, preserve) today?

    Today I made giant kosher dill spears. I used Mrs Wages Kosher Dill Pickle mix and added extra garlic and a hot pepper to each jar. I make these with oversize cucumbers and cut into 6=8 spears each and cut off any of the center strip that has seeds that are overmature. My husband loves them...
  3. Mosquito

    a pea is a pea is a pea, or is it?

    Peas....English, snap, southern (cow pea)? Ok, so when you're posting about peas, please tell us what kind of pea you're talking about! Now my question. Anybody know what is recommended spacing for bush crowder peas? Arkansas, and yes I know its late! :D Flood got my first garden.