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  1. HunkieDorie23

    Hydroponics question

    OK I have been wanting to try hydroponics for several years. I have finally started with some but I think I have already messed it. I was looking for hydroponic fertilizer and wanted to avoid the complicated mixing. I read, read, read and decided to go with Jacks.... yeah great. Order some...
  2. HunkieDorie23

    Lemon cucumber pickles

    Has anyone ever pickled a lemon cucumber? I got some lemon cucumber seeds in a grab bag purchase and have started some of the seed. I watch some youtube videos and they said they are really good cucumbers but that they don't keep well. I was just wondering if you could pickle them.
  3. HunkieDorie23


    Ok I went in to get some green onion seed at the garden store but they have sent this years back and will not received the next batch for at least a month... I have 4 packs are regular onion seed that are really getting old. Is there any reason why I can't use them for green onions instead...
  4. HunkieDorie23

    Check it out.....

    from your local library. Now that many people are starting to harvest and cover soil for the winter. I used to always settle down and plan for next year. Several years ago I found a really great book (written by someone in zone 5) that I loved enough to buy. Any way it is called "The...
  5. HunkieDorie23

    Started A Small Batch of Pickles

    I have a super small batch of pickles started. One qt of whole pickles and one pint of sliced ones. Very excited. My cucumber are blooming like crazy and I had to do something with the first of ones but didn't have enough to make a full batch of pickles. I am making a spicy kosher dill. It was...
  6. HunkieDorie23

    Missing my garden

    My son is getting married next month in Ohio and I came up this week for the bridal shower. I pick and planted everything I could and set up a watering system while I was gone but I am really missing it. I guess my new beans are coming up and my husband said I have black cherry tomatoes there...
  7. HunkieDorie23

    Warm (Hot) Weather greens?

    Is there a green that grows in the hot summer months that doesn't become bitter? I don't know if any but then again I don't know that much. LOL
  8. HunkieDorie23

    Bay Laurel in Zone 8a

    I have wanted a Bay Laurel tree for years but when we live in Ohio it wasn't very practical. I finally ordered one and it has arrived but I am not sure if I should pot it or plant outside. We are in the border of Zone 8a/8b so it is solid zone 8. Are there still special care it will need?
  9. HunkieDorie23

    10 Minutes Sloppy Bed

    I went outside and got distracted because I have the attention span of a gnat. I decided that I should put in the bed that I have been planning and it was so easy. I put down cardboard, wet in down, added a couple of inches of composted leaves, wet it down again. Then transplanted 2 yellow...
  10. HunkieDorie23

    Compost Surprise

    Found this gal when I was getting some compost. Moved her into the greenhouse. Now I just have to wait to see what it is.
  11. HunkieDorie23

    Straw bale gardening

    I am trying out straw bale gardening this year. Actually it is hay, they were out of straw at the local garden store. I have 8 bales broken into two beads about 4'x8'. I have conditioned them and transplanted some cucumbers in 4 of the bales. I am planning on putting in some eggplant also, but...
  12. HunkieDorie23

    Armadillo's .... How do I keep them out of my yard?

    Does anyone know anything about armadillo's? I have never had to deal with them before and they are digging holes all over my yard on a weekly basis. Is there a spray or plant I can put in to deal with them?
  13. HunkieDorie23

    Finally figured out my Soil problems

    I have been working hard to get a great garden which has really been a struggle here in SE GA. I think I have finally figured out the problems. I put in raised beds to correct the soil problems but it still hasn't produced the results I was looking for. I decided to do a soil test to see what...
  14. HunkieDorie23

    I have sprouts.

    Here in GA it is pretty nice and since I have a little more of my bearings I am trying to get a good garden this year. Last year was a disaster. I started with a raised bed and then dogs tore it up they tore up my greenhouse I had trouble with rabbits and on and on. Then the weather and soils...
  15. HunkieDorie23

    Growing Garlic in zone 8a

    Hi all, it has been a while since I have been here. I love our new home here in GA but I am struggling with my garden. I am not sure what to do with the soil because it is sandy and poor nutrients. I have ants everywhere and there are a lot more snakes. Anyway I have a couple of raised beds...
  16. HunkieDorie23

    Breaking new ground

    Well I am in Georgia and trying to get the garden in slowly. I decided that the easiest thing would be to plant some veggies in existing beds that were dedicated to flowers. They are a mess because nothing has been planted there for 2-3 years but still have a lot of potential. So I started on...
  17. HunkieDorie23

    Transplanting Sage????

    I am moving to Georgia and have a lot of work and love invested in my gardening. (I have to leave my greenhouse :(, but I don't think I will need it). All my herbs are heirlooms I started from seed and I bought pots to transplants some of them for the trip because I am not starting all over...
  18. HunkieDorie23

    Going South

    Hi all, I haven't posted in a while. One of the biggest reason is because I haven't been gardening. My husband retire from the military and got a new job in Georgia. We lived in Georgia in the 90's so I no the area but I am not that familiar with gardening in Zone 8b which is where I will be...
  19. HunkieDorie23

    Thyme for spring

    OK as I have stated in another thread my chives are sprouting. I also have thyme in my garden and this is my first year for it. Some of it has some branches that look like regular thyme, made it through the winter. Other branches look dead and bare. Will the bare branches spring back to life or...
  20. HunkieDorie23

    Spring is on the way.

    Well I don't think that the ground hogs will need to be killed this year. Yes the weather since Ground hog day has been awful and I think that it is going to cool back down after today. But in defense of the ground hog my chives have sprouted so spring must be on the way. ;)