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  1. wifezilla

    Favorite pole bean?

    I tried to grow blue lake beans. They never seem to get very big or put out many beans. I tried growing Chinese red noodle beans. The bugs keep wiping out the seedlings. I decide to give Kentucky wonder beans a try. NOM!!! Lots of stringless beans with tender pods. Next year these are going to...
  2. wifezilla

    Nasturtium "capers"? Anyone make or try these?

    "Poor Man's Capers Real capers are pickled buds from the caper bush, a perennial shrub that thrives in the Mediterranean region. Capers are a gourmet condiment and these pickled nasturtium seeds are an impressive substitute. After the blossom falls off, pick the half-ripened (still green)...
  3. wifezilla

    Wild West Gardening

    High altitude? Arid region? Both? Spring snow followed by 90 heat common? Ever got a sun burn and frost bite on the same day? Trying to garden in that wackiness??? This thread's for you!!! Post questions, comments, helpful hints, and plant recommendations...or just vent about how your drought...
  4. wifezilla

    Preserving Nasturtium Leaves?

    Anyone put these up for the winter? Blanch & freeze? Stir fry and bag? I know you can pickle the seed pods, but I hate to have all those leaves go to waste.
  5. wifezilla

    Chinese cabbage questions

    This is my first year growing it. It should have headed by now but our weird weather was really cold for a long time and now we are going to hit record highs. So no real hope of it heading, so I cut it back. Allegedly it can be cut and come again. Is this true??? Anyone try this? If it's not...
  6. wifezilla

    Kale Chips

    I also posted this on Sufficient Self. Take this basic recipe... "Kale Chips adapted from Stacie Billis at 1 bunch organic kale, torn into 1/2″ pieces 3 tablespoons organic olive oil 1 tablespoon organic apple cider vinegar 2 teaspoons sea salt Preheat oven to 400 F. Whisk oil...
  7. wifezilla

    Bad year for rhubarb?

    My plants look tiny and sad. Usually I have rhubarb coming out of my ears by now. We had some wicked cold snaps that are unusual for this area. Could that be the reason? There are also few plants I wanted to move and divide. Should I go ahead and do it?? Or will that kill them?
  8. wifezilla

    Ponds & Water Gardens Magazine

    Just picked up a copy at Big R yesterday and the annual 2012 issue (it's from the FUTURE! :gig) has a great write up on gravel bog filtering. I use a combination of skippy filtering and bog filtering for my pond system. I use plants and gravel beds and it really does make a big difference on...
  9. wifezilla

    Starter Seedling Prices

    I almost fainted yesterday. The local Walmart had some starter plants for sale. I went over and looked. For a single hot pepper plant or patio tomato, $2.98?!?! YIKES :th If you were debating on whether or not to start your own plants, you may want to break out those seed packets. There is...
  10. wifezilla

    Making the pond system PRETTY - New pic

    The pond system consists of an in ground pre-formed liner with rocks around the edge. Typical set up there. But then I have this huge pie shaped stock tank wedge made out of black plastic. It kind of looks like this, just shaped different...
  11. wifezilla

    Honeycrisp Apple Cuttings?

    Anyone have honeycrisp apple trees that is willing to sell me some cuttings for grafting? Since I do not have room for another tree I figure this might be a way for me to grow my own honeycrisps.
  12. wifezilla

    Documentary FRESH on youtube

    Not sure how long it will be up, but if you care about your food you need to watch this.
  13. wifezilla

    Seed shopping in the food isle

    Everyone knows you can buy seeds in those little seed packets in the garden center. But you can also get seeds from packages of food in the grocery store. Two things I just recently tested for germination were quinoa and anasazi beans. I put some seeds on a plate between wet paper towels and...
  14. wifezilla

    The Quinoa Thread

    This is my first time trying to grow quinoa so I will post information I find on growing it and my results here. First thing I learned it is LIKES COOL WEATHER. I thought it was a summer crop. "Quinoa grows best where maximum temperatures do not exceed 90F (32C) and nighttime temperatures are...
  15. wifezilla

    What should I grow in a topsy turvy strawberry planter?

    I already have a strawberry bed, but these things were only $4 so I grabbed 2. Ground...
  16. wifezilla

    Unexpected Garden Pest - Guard your peas!!!
  17. wifezilla

    Your allotment garden is good for your health

    Original article from a Belgium paper... Translation and commentry by Pilili over on "Before I translate the following article, I would want to give a tiny bit of explanation concerning the...
  18. wifezilla

    Experimental gardening category?

    Hey there Nifty. Would it be possible to get a category for garden experiments? A lot of us are using our gardens as little laboratories and it would be cool to have an area for ongoing experiments and results.
  19. wifezilla

    Couldn't you just use a diaper??

    In my new Park Seed catalog... "...the super-absorbent fabric holds up to 16 ounces of water. As the soil dries out, it wicks up, and plants roots reach it. So you never overwater the plants or waterlog the soil, but you've got a 7 to 10 day reserve of water right in the container! Amazing!"...
  20. wifezilla

    Rooftop gardening?

    I hate seeing all that open space not being used on the top of the house. The roof is new and I am not looking to cover the whole thing in 3 feet of soil so I think if I use containers of some sort I wont have problems with weight. I did some google searching and found lots of flat roofs...