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  1. r4eboxer

    Growing Grapes... how long before I get a vine?

    So a few years ago DH and our family moved to his homestead. The old grapevine had seen better days and died off before I got to enjoy grapes. DH put 4 grape vine poles in the ground and I bought 4 plants. I did not know about trellising them and they pretty much died the first year. There are...
  2. r4eboxer

    Anyone used wet newspaper for a successful weed barrier?

    I've almost tried it all, the black landscaping weed cloth, mulch, plastic, hand weeding and tilling. I cannot get my weeds under control. This year I want to try wet newspaper. I work full time, have lots of poultry and dogs and well too many other animals and all my time is taken up. I always...
  3. r4eboxer

    Need tips on Succulents.

    I have a rock retaining wall that keeps our creek in check. It's a 12 ft wall that is approx 150 ft long, the creek usually only has 2 feet of water running through it (unless it's the wet season or we get large rains). I want to plant succulents all over the wall in the cracks. I will need a...
  4. r4eboxer

    The fine line with sprouting

    When is the best time uncover the hot house and add light? I am having a hard time deciding the right time to uncover the seeds and add light when some begin to sprout. I don't want to take the top off when only half my seeds have sprouted because I am in fear that if I do the rest won't...
  5. r4eboxer

    Thinning sprouts?

    My seeds have mostly germinated, and pretty much all of them I put in came up. So now I have 3-4 sprouts in each cell. What is the best way to go about thinning? And do I wait until they get the second set of leaves or do I need to do the thinning today?
  6. r4eboxer

    Got my "pet/reptile" heat mats, I have a ?

    I ordered 5 pet heat mats off ebay, they were 15.00 each. I plugged one in last night and it really doesn't feel very warm. I put a thermometer in the pan where I put the seeds on the heat mat. The temp read 70. Is this warm enough. I thought the heat mat would put off more heat than it does...
  7. r4eboxer

    Pear tree question

    I have one single pear tree on my property. We moved here 3 yrs ago, it's my in-laws place and my FIL told me he planted two trees years ago and one died right away. He never bothered to plant another. The pear tree bears fruit but it doesn't ripen. Why? I've read and been told (by FIL) that...
  8. r4eboxer

    How close do the grow lights have to be so seedlings don't get leggy?

    My broccoli has sprouted and I turned on the lights. I have it hung about 4-5 inches above them. Is this close enough to keep them from getting leggy?
  9. r4eboxer

    My eyes are bigger than my work ethic!

    Ok so I think I ordered too much seed, I bought some Seeds of Change broccoli, cabbage at Walmart and started them on the weekend. I just looked at my Fedco seed order and see that I also ordered broccoli and cabbage from them. I think I ordered too many beet seeds and some other seeds too. I...
  10. r4eboxer

    Mulching with hay for weed control.

    Has anyone mulched with hay to prevent weeds and been successful? I am looking to cut my weeding down. Last year I used the black landscaping cloth and black plastic. It wasn't very successful as I still had lots of weeding. I have two 4' x5' round bales of hay left over from the winter feed...
  11. r4eboxer

    Survival of my indoor starts in the garden

    I am going to start some of my seeds indoors for the first time this year. I was at bee keeping class last night and was talking to a couple of guys about starting seeds. J said that he had good luck getting his seeds to start but once he put them in the garden they never survived. He said he...
  12. r4eboxer

    Where to get non Monsanto ONION PLANTS from.

    I hope I am not putting this in the wrong section. I am a newbie at starting seeds though I am going to try my hand at peppers, tomatoes and a variety of other seeds this year. I know I am going to at least fail with half of those or more. I also know that there is no way I would be successful...
  13. r4eboxer

    Bee Keeping

    I went to my first bee keeping class last night. Is there a thread here for bee keepers? I have 5 more classes and should have my bees in April.
  14. r4eboxer

    Drying Herbs

    I am planning a decent sized raised herb garden, as well as herbs planted here and there in my larger land gardens. DH and I just bought a dehydrator. I have never dried and stored herbs. What should I know? How should I store them? and How do you all store your basil? (bags, glass or plastic)...