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  1. Artichoke Lover

    Will pumpkins split from to much rain?

    I have a pumpkin that is just about ready to pick but we may be getting a bunch of rain tomorrow on already saturated soil. Does anyone know if they split like watermelons or am I worried for no reason.
  2. Artichoke Lover

    Anyone else’s neighbors constantly set off fireworks around Holidays?

    The neighbors here started setting off fireworks last weekend and will probably start up again tonight or tomorrow depending on weather and will probably set them off for a few more weekends. New Years is often worse since people are off for work for longer. Some start setting off fireworks a...
  3. Artichoke Lover

    What to spray plums with to prevent worms?

    I’m having a problem with worms in my plums and I want to spray the fruits that don’t already have any. What do I need to use?
  4. Artichoke Lover

    Back again lol. Anyone know what this is?

    It’s a tree the tallest are around 15-20 foot range. I think it produces some kind of berries near the top of the tree but it hasn’t bloomed yet this year. I’ll try to get some better pictures when I go back out later.
  5. Artichoke Lover

    Will frozen pecans still sprout?

    So last fall I collected some pecans from a pecan tree on my grandparents property. Some I planted in pots outside but those didn’t make do to something digging in my pots. But I put the rest in the freezer. Can I pull out the ones in the freezer and sprout them? It’s a pretty big deal to me...
  6. Artichoke Lover

    Why are green grapes so expensive?

    I’ve noticed this for years. Green grapes are always twice the price of the red ones at the store. I’ve tried google but haven’t been able to find out why. It’s frustrating because I prefer green grapes but not enough to constantly pay twice as much for them.
  7. Artichoke Lover

    Anyone know what this is?

    Found it growing in a blackberry thicket on the edge of a clearing in the pine trees. Seems to be a small tree or tall shrub the tallest was around 10-15ft. Fruit contains a pit. The last photo includes an caterpillar that was eating the immature fruit. I’m assuming it’s a native.
  8. Artichoke Lover

    How many feet will a pound of seed corn plant?

    Normally I don’t bother with this since I plant everything in blocks Tomatoes, cucumbers, squash and I just go down the rows until it’s all planted. This year I’m doing rows though so I need to know how many rows I’ll need.
  9. Artichoke Lover

    I think the rabbits are smarter than me.

    I’ve tried several kinds of fencing to keep out the local rabbit population. I feel like I should have given up after one found a way around chicken wire buried at foot deep and 4 tall and decided to raise babies in the garden. This year I ddI an experiment and planted some in the fence and some...
  10. Artichoke Lover

    I set my first eggs today!

    I set 33 eggs! This will be my first time incubating anything. I’m excited but nervous. I don’t think I’ll calm down until I candle in 8 days. Honestly I’ll probably be a wreck until they are all 4 weeks old lol.
  11. Artichoke Lover

    Anyone grow peanuts?

    I’m curious about growing peanuts and was wondering if anyone on her grows them.
  12. Artichoke Lover

    Artichoke Lover’s 2021 Garden.

    Decided to make a thread for my garden. I’d been debating on it since I joined a few months ago but decided to try. Last years garden was in a 100x100 bed(field?) in front of the house. We used most of the space. This year we are planning on expanding in several ways. We are turning part of the...
  13. Artichoke Lover

    Today I learned _______.

    This thread is basically for sharing what new things you learned about gardening and plants it can also include related topics like cooking with the vegetables and fruits you grow in the garden.
  14. Artichoke Lover

    Where to find the search button/bar

    Literally what the title says. I can’t find the search. And I can’t search for the search because I can’t find the search....:lol:
  15. Artichoke Lover

    How to heat a green small greenhouse.

    I’m looking at purchasing a small relatively cheap greenhouse. Most likely with plastic sides. 10x10 or smaller But I need a way to heat it. I’ll need to keep it 60-70 degrees. Could I use one of the heat lamps I used for my chicks to keep it warm at night? I’m starting my transplants in it so...
  16. Artichoke Lover

    What is this?

    This is one of the most annoying perennial weeds in my garden. It’s nearly impossible to kill and seems to spread by runners. In summer it gets tiny tiny purple flowers on it and it has four sided stems. Anyone know what it is? It almost seems a like it’s related to mint. But I’m not sure. The...
  17. Artichoke Lover

    Oregano how invasive?

    So I’m planting oregano for the first time this year I was planning on putting it in large planter with several other herbs but now that I’ve learned it’s in the mint family I’m worried it will take over the planter. I know it’s not as bad as mint or catnip but how bad is it? Would it be better...
  18. Artichoke Lover

    Can English peas and ornamental sweet peas cross?

    English peas are one of my favorite things to grow and this year I wanted to try saving seed from them. But I’ll also be planting ornamental sweet peas on a nearby fence. I know sweet peas are poisonous. But what I don’t know and can’t find any info about is whether or not they can cross...
  19. Artichoke Lover

    Poll: what are you most looking forward to growing this year?

    What are you looking forward to growing the most? Fresh fruit? That first homegrown tomato? Fresh sweet corn? Or maybe you prefer growing flowers? Personally I’m looking forward to cooking with fresh herbs for the first time.