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    Anybody recognize this ?

    I’ve got a new type of watermelon called jubilee and several of my seedlings have this on the leaves anybody know what it is ?
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    The ants ate my okra !

    I had such beautiful okra ! Then the ants came little black ants from HE!! ;( they are holes right trough them ! Has anybody else had this issue this year ?
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    Can anybody tell me what the heck this is ??

    I feel like my garden went haywire in a week ;(. I’ve posted pictures below I found some kind of mold I’ve never seen on my zucchini this morning . Then weird yellow spots on the leaves of my pumpkin plant ! Then 5 million ants on my okra . And suggestions ?
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    Squash zucchini and peppers dying !! HELP

    Hi , my question is about my squash zucchini and banana peppers . They were all doing great producing beautifully then like over night the bottom leaves started dying and falling off then some of the zucchini started kind of drying up inside I guess is the best way to describe it . All my new...
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    Newbies in Texas

    Hi , Our family lives outside of Dallas . This year is our first time planting a garden and it’s been a learning experience !! I’m so glad I found y’alli love the chicken forum I’ve learned a ton from post there that has made our flock wonderful hopefully I have the same success with the garden !