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  1. Bluejay77

    2021 Little Easy Bean Network - Bean Lovers Come Discover Something New !

    Wow season number 9 here we go again. A new year for us to make more new bean history. I think this has been a great meeting place for those who grow and love beans. Some of us are itching to get the new gardening season going. However we will have to slog through this winter first and wait for...
  2. Bluejay77

    2020 Little Easy Bean Network - An Exciting Adventure In Heirloom Beans !

    We are now into our 8th season. There are many here just itching to get the new gardening season going. We hope if you are just finding this thread for the first time. You will find a great family of bean growers here and interesting conversation about beans. Some people have told me they have...
  3. Bluejay77

    2019 Little Easy Bean Network - Come And Reawaken The Thrill Of Discovery

    Wow ! Can you believe we are beginning our seventh (7th) season on our bean group here on For those who haven't gotten into the bean world yet. There truely is a thrill of discovery waiting for the uninitiated. Beans seem to have endless variations of color, shape, and seed...
  4. Bluejay77

    2018 Little Easy Bean Network - Join Us In Saving Amazing Heirloom Beans

    Hi Everyone! Here we are into our 6th year. Incredible, and our numbers of grower helpers grows each year. Hope last years growers will all be back and hope a bunch of new growers will join us. For those who join us for the very first time. You can go to my website...
  5. Bluejay77

    2017 Little Easy Bean Network – Everything Beans, Post It Here & Join The Fun

    Hello Everyone ! Our bean network begins again today. We are into our 5th year. For those who want to join us for the very first time. You can go to my website and click on the yellow link near the top of the page marked "Network". The text there will...
  6. Bluejay77

    2016 Little Easy Bean Network - Gardeners Keeping Heirloom Beans From Extinction

    Hello gardeners and bean lovers ! A warm welcome back to our previous seasons growers! Here we are 2016. Our 4th season of the Little Easy Bean Network. It's very simple how this bean network works. I'll post photos below of beans that need to be grown out to create some renewed seed as bean...
  7. Bluejay77

    LEBN Pre-Season Report !

    Hello everyone on the Little Easy Bean Network. The new 2016 thread will be up probably Monday or Tuesday. Tomorrow Friday April 1st I'll be going to Knoxville, Tennessee for a seed swap and doing a half hour talk on probably my bean collecting over the years at a Baptist Church in Oakridge, Tn...
  8. Bluejay77

    2015 Little Easy Bean Network - Old Beans Should Never Die !

    Hello Again Members Of The Easy Garden Forum ! The time has come already for season three of the Little Easy Bean Network. Last year we were growing out a colletion of beans I had obtained unsolicited from a South African Grower. The work of renewing this collection is still unfinished so we...
  9. Bluejay77

    The 2014 Little Easy Bean Network - Get New Beans On The Cheap

    Hello Everyone On The Easy Garden Forum ! Welcome to season two of the Little Easy Bean Network. My large bean collection served last year in 2013 as the focal point of a little network of gardeners who love beans. Beaniac as I have been called. Back in the 1970’s there had been another bean...
  10. Bluejay77

    The Little Easy Bean Network - Get New Beans Varieties Nearly Free

    Hello Everyone On The Easy Garden Forum ! I have a large bean collection and have talked to some of the active members of this forum about the bean network formed by a fellow named John Withee back in the 1970's called Wanigan Associates. He had a network of gardeners ( about 400 ) that would...
  11. Bluejay77

    L.ogan Giant - Who has a Black & White Seed Strain?

    Hi Everyone ! Someone had told me about a black and white seeded Logan Giant bean. Can't find the post again, but I would like to trade a bean for that one, or purchase it from the grower who has it. Hope whoever has the bean will see this post