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    New member TN needs mentor

    I always plant mine in a pot and put them in the shed for a few weeks until they’re a few inches tall. Then I plant them in some sunshine that has a bit of shade as well during some parts of the day. I use horse and sheep droppings as fertiliser and that works pretty well for me. Hope this helps
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    Orange recipes?

    My sister recently brought a new house that has an orange tree. I went and grabbed a bag full because there is that many it’s ridiculous. I’ve made a couple of orange cakes but the recipe only calls for one orange and that is plenty. Is there any good recipes you have that include oranges? I...
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    I was a little worried because at that time we had chooks in the yard. We also have free range peacocks so I thought they might’ve got to them. Thank you! What about seedlings?
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    Hey, so last year we brought a packet of sunflower seeds. 1000 I’m pretty sure. We planted a few and once they died off collected the seeds. Now we’ve got way too many seeds for us. So, my question is, how much would i be able to sell seeds/seedlings for? I’m thinking it might make a bit of...
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    Anyone got some good baking recipes?? Or some meals? I like cooking and want to make some different recipes I might not try otherwise. Cheers