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  1. Nyboy

    I Have Full Kennel And Flu.

    From my neck down I have chills my hair is covered in sweat, I have not eaten in 2 days once I start coughing I can not stop. I left work early yeaster was in bed by 1:30 pm got up at 10m today tomorroe is one of my bustest days of the year
  2. Nyboy

    Dads Delusional

    I always thought for someone in his 90s dad had it pretty together till now. All of my life he waited for me to bring a woman to holiday table. I thought after bringing several partners to holidays he would be over it. Thanksgiving I invited my friend Kristine to my sisters, she fit right in...
  3. Nyboy

    Love At 1st Sight

    I have had my eye out for a pair of 18 century chairs. All that I liked where out of my price range, selling in the thousands. I saw a pair on CL seller claim 18 century french all original $250. My ex used to deal in 18 century french so forwarded him ad. He called me hard to tell from just...
  4. Nyboy

    Please Tell Me Easy Fix $$$$

    Went to take Morning shower turned on hot water nothing. Cold water working, hot water both bathroom and kitchen sinks fine. Took shower last night everything worked. In past when problem with hot water always water just not hot. Now no water at all
  5. Nyboy

    Straight Men And Bed Linens

    Because of a early morning delivery my nephew slept over last night. I was not sure if cleaning lady changed sheets since pumpkin pie guess so wanted to put fresh linens on guess bed. I asked my nephew to hand me the fitted sheet, he gave me the top sheet. I explained fitted sheet was one with...
  6. Nyboy

    For Lady Horse Riders

  7. Nyboy

    What Is Your Favorite Holiday Drink ?

    Sunday I am having a brunch for friends to help put up outside xmas lights. A invite to my house always carries a chance of work :lol::lol::lol::lol::lol: Will have standard brunch drinks Orange juice with champagne or vodka bloody Marys.But because we are going to be outside in cold would like...
  8. Nyboy

    Anyone Planning On Growing New Yorkers This Year ?

    Curios after last summer if anyone saved seeds to grow New Yorker tomatoes this year. If so what did you like about it ?
  9. Nyboy

    A Special Gift

    My mind is in a fog past 2 days from with drawl. My nephew who is famous for the" I ordered you something but it has not came yet" surprised me this birthday. He got me a chicken coop with run . I know they cost a few hundred, but is so small box says 8 chickens no way. Going to figure out a...
  10. Nyboy

    Anyone Know About Potbelly Stoves ?

    CL hudson valley > for sale > general for sale - by owner post account 2 hidden ◀ prev ▲ next ▶ x prohibited[?] Posted 21 days ago favorite this post Pot Belly Stove - $250 hide this posting image 2 of 2 © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) Antique...
  11. Nyboy

    Happy Birthday Carol Dee

    Your heart is as big as the bus you drive. I am so happy you are in my life!!!!! Special Birthday wishes :woot:woot:woot:woot:woot:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:celebrate:love:love:love:love:love:weee:weee:weee:weee:weee:weee:weee:weee:clap:clap:clap:clap:clap:ya:ya:ya:ya:ya
  12. Nyboy

    Major About Your Feet

    A while back you posted about having a machine measure your feet then tell you what inserts to buy. I believe it was Dr Scholls. You felt they really helped your feet. That was a while ago can you give a longer time use up date?
  13. Nyboy

    Dog With Kennel Cough In For Grooming

    Dog just came in for grooming while talking to owner I noticed dog coughing. I said has she been around other dogs ? yes last week at dog sitter.:th:barnie:he said I can not take her all summer I had it lost half my clients sorry leave NOW !!!!!! Thanksgiving full kennel !!!!!
  14. Nyboy

    A Life For A Life

    Been 6 days my chicks lost in mail no way they can still be alive. My nephew who has a cruel streak said to me if you didn't buy them they would be alive now :hit This morning while still dark I left for work the motion lights lite up driveway to my car. I was shocked at what I saw, a kitten...
  15. Nyboy

    I Always Wonder About Selling Japanese Maples

    Often craigs list has ads for Japanese maple, not only are trees priced in thousands but they want you to dig up tree, moved, fill in hole. Do these trees sell I have emailed sellers a few time never got reply CL new york > staten island > for sale > farm & garden - by owner post...
  16. Nyboy

    Tractor Supply Loan Sharks

    I would like to fence in my property, and build some pens for animals. I am thinking several thousand on fencing. I was looking at fencing on Tractor supply website when I noticed they had their own credit card. A lot of credit cards give you points for every dollar you spend. I clicked on...
  17. Nyboy

    Worried About Chicks

    My chicks are suppose to come today. They are coming from California today is cold with snow this afternoon. Tracking number a joke. Can not get a live person, tracking just says delivery on time sometime today before 8 pm.
  18. Nyboy

    Sleep Over At Dads

    Last night I had to go to a clients house for dinner. Dinner was in Riverdale a hour and half from Lagrange 10 minutes from my dads house. I decide to stay at my fathers house and mentioned it a week ago to dad. My sister sent me a email yesterday you better sleep over its all he talked about...
  19. Nyboy

    Took A Nasty Fall Today

    4:30 this morning I fell about 3 feet off the outside landing to my kitchen door. It was dark out 27 degrees and I was only wearing underwear. My laundry room was a screened in porch I enclosed, there is no door from inside the house. I have to go out kitchen door down 3 steps and cross patio...
  20. Nyboy

    Weekend Guests Want To Make Pumpkin Pie

    Have friends from the city coming up for weekend ( I stocked my bar) They want to go to a farmers market get fresh pumpkins and make pies. My kitchen is a dream kitchen compared to the shoe box city kitchen they have. How many pumpkins a pie , want to make at least 4 pies. How does one freeze...