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  1. catjac1975

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Always love my pumpkins.
  2. catjac1975

    I need a hoop house!

    I belong to a FB site called High tunnels for beginners. They are far from beginners, have big operations, but are still good for information. I bought my hoop house used for a song. I have had it for about 10 years. I have had to replace the covering only once. It is opaque woven poly. Keep you...
  3. catjac1975

    I need a hoop house!

    Nothing that price will be of any use. I think those are protective structures for a lawn mower or some such thing. Not a hoop house for growing.
  4. catjac1975

    You Shoulda Grown That!

    Just MORE pumpkins.
  5. catjac1975

    Killer of Plants

    You need very local advice to make a garden work for you. Find a local organic backyarder who can get you started. Work on your soil, till it, add manure, start composting.
  6. catjac1975

    Microwave ... caput !

    8 years is great in today's appliances.
  7. catjac1975

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    Pea First 13 from Burpee. This is the first time I have tried them and I am so impressed. It is claimed to be the first pea to give you up to 13 peas in a pod. One drawback is they are very short. We usually go for the 5-6 foot tall vines. No bending to pick. However these short vines are loaded...
  8. catjac1975

    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    I sell plants from my backyard. My husband sells them potted at farmers markets. A small backyard business.
  9. catjac1975

    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    As there little bratty cousin crashed through the beds....Not for me.
  10. catjac1975

    Some of my new daylilies for you to see

    A new daylily cultivar hybridized here at TomCat Daylily Farm. A delicate cream color with a purple and yellow edges ruffle. A very early bloom here in Massachusetts. It started to bloom on June 15th. The first week in July is usually when we start. I hope you enjoy. LOVE AT FIRST KISS.
  11. catjac1975

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    They definitely are not as prolific when I put out a big plant. Just enough for a salad and a sandwich. I will probably eat it today. I will report back with my critique.
  12. catjac1975

    Picture Of The Week (POW) Information & Submissions

    For you Southerners this is no big deal. A red tomato on June 18. Unheard of here in Massachusetts except with extra effort. I started a few plants indoors in January. I have been eating cherry tomatoes for some time. But I put this Bid Dena outdoors when it was large and had blossoms and a few...
  13. catjac1975

    For Those Who Detest Kale

    The Portuguese around here make Kale soup. Sooo good.
  14. catjac1975

    Yellowing leaves on Roses Lillys & Birch tree

    Daylilies are the least needy of most any plant. Miracle grow will give your plants a short term boost. You have not addressed the conditions of your poor soil. And is that stone mulch? I cannot imagine that would be good for anything except a driveway. You need to add compost and other soil...
  15. catjac1975

    Chronicles of a Noob Garden and Gardener

    How about adding a shade cloth?
  16. catjac1975

    Am I insane to buy this land?!

    The last thing I would worry about is an occasional fisherman walking through my stream. If it looks untouched it probably is. I live on a river. The land on the riverbank is mine with a road between the house and river. The old deed says we own to the middle of the river. We have photographers...