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  1. catjac1975

    A new to me seed company. Any companies you want to share?

    I wanted to share this seed packet from a new seed company I tried. I am most impressed with the directions on the seed packets. This one is pretty straightforward but my pet peeve with many seed companies is that they do not give you the simple secret to germinating some of the varieties that...
  2. catjac1975


    TO MY GARDENING FRIENDS RE: THE DREADED SQUASH BUG. It is early in the season. I answered a question about the squash bug for someone else. So I thought I would share my longwinded approach. This is what works for me. It...
  3. catjac1975

    The fancy jewelry I have been waiting for

    I want to share my excitement. I have a 3 tiered plant light grow system which I got used at least 15 years ago, for a song. I had to add new lights on one tier this year. They seem great. I have wanted another system for years, it is expensive so I wanted my husband's blessing, and nagged only...
  4. catjac1975

    The dreaded squash bug.

    THE DREADED SQUASH BUG. It is early in the season. I answered a question about the squash bug for someone else. So I thought I would share my longwinded approach. This is what works for me. It took a long time for me to work out organic means to even grow squash. This is what I have learned . A...
  5. catjac1975

    Black Walnut tree sap

    Well I learned today that syrup can be made from black walnut tree sap. I know someone here will know all about this. How can I have been on this earth so long and I have not heard about such a thing. Please experts. Educate me. My niece's husband just learned about it too and has a bucket full...
  6. catjac1975

    The woodchucks tricked me this year.

    I was feeling confident that our fence repair from a few seasons ago have been keeping out the woodchucks. Then I saw many missing sweet potato leaves yesterday. They are ready to harvest so I did not panic, annd fixed a hole under the fence that they had made. I was drooling with...
  7. catjac1975

    Free strawberry plants for you

    Item Price Qty Total Tribute Strawberry Everbearer Status: Ordered Bare-Root, Self-Pollinating EarliGlo Strawberry Junebearer Status: Ordered Bare-Root, Self-Pollinating Easy-Care Strawberry Plant Collection I have 100 Strawberry plants that Stark sent me way too early for me to plant...
  8. catjac1975

    Family heirlooms with plants

    I found this lovely pineapple bud in my greenhouse today. It will flower and give me the sweetest pineapple to share with my family. It will take around 8 months to ripen if my memory holds true. I have told this pineapple story before. My first plant came from the top of a store bought...
  9. catjac1975

    Total Lunar eclipse -right now.

    The clouds are gone-it is as cold out as I can ever remember. The total lunar eclipse is starting right now. I am going to wait a few, bundle up and take a look. I will go out every 20 minutes or so- complete at 12:12.
  10. catjac1975

    Man I am dense

    Why on earth have I not thought of this before? All of you have all sorts of expertise in all manor of life. As a daylily hybridizer I have been trying to get my hands on Colchicine. Colchicine is used to convert a diploid daylily to a tetraploid daylily in order to double the chromosomes. It...
  11. catjac1975

    My invention

    As some of you know I am a daylily hybridizer. I did an experiment with nicking seed, something that is suggested, and got near 100% germination. It is a tedious task with great risk of cutting yourself if you use a blade and the hours to do thousands of seeds would be misery. Some people...
  12. catjac1975

    My perfect hell

  13. catjac1975

    Christmas cooking

    I did my first round of Christmas cooking last night.. Cathy's famous Gołąbki. The 2 pans are in the fridge melding the flavors for Christmas dinner. My Also famous chowder is doing the same. Pies and breads today. Have you started your Christmas cooking?
  14. catjac1975

    NYBoy A shared nightmare

    I don't know if this will work.
  15. catjac1975

    Ancient squash- geto okosomi

    A fun tale.
  16. catjac1975

    Indoor plant experts

    I have had this indoor plant for many years. I thought it was a Jade Vine but it it not even close. It is slow growing, prefers filtered light and has not bloomed.It has rather rope like vines. It is a tropical plant from Logee's but I have been unable to successfully email them.Any experts out...
  17. catjac1975

    I don't know how to peel this.

    Don't be mad. My husband said I should share this with you.
  18. catjac1975

    I think you're going to like this

    Here is the one the drone operator made.
  19. catjac1975

    An UN official TEG contest.

    So. 3 little boys are always a hoot. Posing with pumpkins brought out their boy sense of humor. I am glad I had 3 older brothers. My poor Mother. So...what do you think was so funny. Any guesses?
  20. catjac1975

    I get an "F" in Mommy

    How could I forget to post a picture of my daughter getting married in Maui? We call it the elopement. But, we knew they were going to Hawaii a getting married-just the 2 of them. We will celebrate in the fall at their new home in South Carolina. She is the chiropractor-my youngest.. He is some...