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  1. Gardening with Rabbits

    What is this?

    DD got this from somebody and she wants to know what it is?
  2. Gardening with Rabbits

    Miracle Gro Cactus, Palm and Citrus potting mix

    I bought a sack of this by mistake and I want to start some flower seeds. Will flowers grow in this potting mix? Should I mix it with some other potting soil?
  3. Gardening with Rabbits

    More cow manure questions

    I am a little worried about this. I took a hoe out there and it is pretty wet, maybe from weather and not fresh fresh, but lots of straw. I have got truckloads of horse or cow manure before and used in compost bins and let break down a long time. If I side dress kale, it will be a long time...
  4. Gardening with Rabbits


    I have usually just put seeds in the ground and I put cucumbers off usually until last so I can get plants in the ground. I almost planted cucumber seeds today but I think it is too cold. I am thinking about starting them in cups. I would like to get cucumbers before the summer is half over...
  5. Gardening with Rabbits

    Cow manure

    I was to have delivered I thought 2 year old manure, but they called today and said it is not breaking down good and is about 6 months to 12 months and has some straw in it. Will this hurt to plant in now?
  6. Gardening with Rabbits

    Another flower question

    I started morning glories from seeds, and Evelyn did. It was just potting soil. I transplanted them into big pots and used same potting soil. They look good. I have them hardened off and lots of leaves and it looks like flowers about to open, but they don't. I did some reading and I found it...
  7. Gardening with Rabbits

    What kind of flowers in this basket

    DD bought this and she says it seems to not like being outside and perks up when inside. Wondering what kind they and does it look like it is too crowded?
  8. Gardening with Rabbits

    Price increases and shortages

    Everyday I hear more and more gloom and doom. Yesterday it was that we will have a shortage of coffee. My brother took the week off from his job because work is very slow and they are sending people home and he is afraid they will have to go on unemployment for awhile. Their shortage is related...
  9. Gardening with Rabbits


    I noticed a lot of seeds already out of stock at Baker Creek, especially lettuce and summer squash. I remember last year and how seeds were being bought up and it might be happening again.
  10. Gardening with Rabbits


    I copied this picture today and I was going to do this to keep cabbage worms and aphids down, but if you start your own Marigolds you have to trim them. The ones in the store are trimmed. Mine got tall and kind of fell over. I have not started Marigolds for the last 3 years or so, but I am...
  11. Gardening with Rabbits

    DD had a photo shoot

    She thinks she looks OLD! LOL. Posting a picture quick before she ages anymore and showing off my granddaughters. While the camera person was busy posing everybody, Evelyn picked up DD'S scarf put it on and found a stick and is dressed and ready for the photo shoot.
  12. Gardening with Rabbits

    Pressed logs

    My brother said he wants to buy us an early Christmas present, a pallet of pressed logs. They are 8 pound logs, supposed to burn long and hot, and clean. Anybody have any experience with this? I do not want to upset him and say why not just buy a cord of wood instead. It seems expensive, but...
  13. Gardening with Rabbits

    Planting grass seed

    I have an area under 2 walnut trees where the old rabbit hutch was and I want to plant grass there so that next year I can put some things out there for the kids to play with and have grass. Can I plant grass seed now or should I and what happens when the leaves fall? Should i rake the leaves...
  14. Gardening with Rabbits


    I cooked some of my garlic last night and I was wondering what nutrition is in roasted garlic and what is a serving size. A quarter of a cup. How much roasted garlic do you eat at one time and how much raw garlic do you eat at one time? I could eat about all the roasted garlic put in front of...
  15. Gardening with Rabbits

    Fruits and Vegetables

    On average how many servings of fruit and vegetables do you eat in a day?
  16. Gardening with Rabbits


    When I started with the rabbits there were 5 dumped and one of them was pregnant and had 5 babies. Then, another neighbor dumped their pet rabbit named Snickers. Then, later another neighbor had a rabbit they did not want and it lived under my hutch, so I put it in when the weather got cold, and...
  17. Gardening with Rabbits

    What do you think

    I went out to work in the garden today and my neighbor I have not seen all summer comes out. He looks good and seems to feel good, smoking a cigarette, and smoke coming towards me and I smell it when he says to me he is doing better since having COVID in June. His son got it and tested positive...
  18. Gardening with Rabbits

    King David Phlox

    I have a couple of these phlox, several years old. I thought they would spread, but reading today about them, I have to dig and divide them. Does anybody know? If I do divide them when is the best time? I would like to use them as a border on the garden, which they are now, but too many...
  19. Gardening with Rabbits


    I have decided to use cardboard to cover the garden. I am going to put plastic around all four sides of the garden to kill weeds, and bury it I think and just keep around the edge. I went and looked at different areas around my yard where I have started compost bins or where I dumped piles of...
  20. Gardening with Rabbits

    I have a new granddaughter

    Her name is Isabelle Louise. She was born a little after midnight June 30. Very alert and strong healthy baby, 8 pounds 10 oz and 21 inches long.