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  1. flowerbug

    2020 Little Easy Bean Network - An Exciting Adventure In Heirloom Beans !

    hope you can find more of them @Bluejay77 ! if you design a page for your website and post it there you might get some via that route. not all search engines index all the way down deep in web sites like this one.
  2. flowerbug

    Furnace Filters

    yep! thank you! arrow in direction of air flow... --->
  3. flowerbug

    What will be New(!) this Year

    now you got me all misty-eyed! :) i do miss not seeing you here as much, i hope you will come back more often. at least you have to come back to torment^hencourage @thistlebloom, @seedcorn and that other fair flower of the south @majorcatfish...
  4. flowerbug

    Mouse effing with my acorns?

    that's a pet! :)
  5. flowerbug

    Long Storage Squash

    don't worry, i'll send up a flare! :)
  6. flowerbug

    Nawthern vs Southern

    you know it isn't me! my hands are like George, i could be a hand model. nobody will see callouses on my knuckles! *whew!*
  7. flowerbug

    What I Learned after Quitting Tea

    a pinch of baking soda doesn't work? i am mostly off coffee or even the substitute these days. i'm trying to use up some green chili paste that i use for giving hot chocolate a boost, but i can't do that every day or i would ruin my diet. i'm barely holding my own here with the long winter...
  8. flowerbug


    i didn't see this thread but this gives me a good reason to bump it. :) when i've made soy milk in the past, after grinding the beans up into as fine a mess as possible i've always cooked it like that before straining it. this way i'm extracting the most i can from those beans and the...
  9. flowerbug

    What Seeds are You Saving?

    i hand pollinated mine here too some years ago just to see what the seeds look like. they remind me a lot of the tulip seeds but much bigger. very light weight, black, i never planted them because the cross pollen source was the same plant and i had no extra room to grow them out.
  10. flowerbug

    Furnace Filters

    i love that it says what it does, but what it doesn't help you with is what happens if the blower motor isn't pointed the direction you think it should be? or is it always guaranteed to only be pointing one direction? what makes sense to me is that it should have the arrow pointing in the...
  11. flowerbug

    The garden bug is back

    missed you and glad to see you all back! :)
  12. flowerbug

    Any idea what this weed is?

    i'm not exactly sure but it looks a lot like: i got there via putting in white flowers and searching on: my first intuition was that it was a brassica and i wasn't wrong. it is also edible! if that...
  13. flowerbug

    I Hate Green Briars!

    i think i have the best of it here @catjac1975 as the neighbors have one and he said he'd come back anytime we need it done. we don't have enough property to justify owning such a machine. renting one for $100 every five years is perfectly acceptable to me. :) at first he only wanted $50 but...
  14. flowerbug

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    Fair 13°F -11°C Humidity 70% Wind Speed SW 13 mph Barometer 30.48 in (1033.5 mb) Dewpoint 5°F (-15°C) Visibility...
  15. flowerbug

    What will be New(!) this Year

    yes, you did send some to me. thank you for sending them and for asking again garden buddy! :) :hugs
  16. flowerbug

    What Are You Planting Today, This Week, This Month?

    i'm planting daydreams. :) ...
  17. flowerbug

    I Hate Green Briars!

    i think sheep will eat that too? but you know for sure that goats will. :)
  18. flowerbug

    What will be New(!) this Year

    we're going to try these melons this year too! :) thanks to @ninnymary :) some new peas, i haven't made the list up yet and of course new beans the list for this is still up in the air too, but looking to be fairly long again this year. :)
  19. flowerbug

    Long Storage Squash

    i just read a recommendation for Yuxi Jiang being a long keeping squash, but in reading about i see mixed reviews. hmm...
  20. flowerbug

    seed swap donations for upcoming winter seed swap

    ahhh! good to have the chores almost completely done for the week so the rest of the week i can finish up deciding what i want to make samples of to give away and what else to bring (good chance i'm bringing most of the collection anyways as i can fit it).