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    Thought of TEG Cat Owners

    Likely a tomcat, @Pulsegleaner ? I don't have a very good attitude about tomcats. Always, there will be one (or more) that visits our yard - everyday, any and every year. Coming right up to the backdoor where they will find something to pee on. They are terrible about burying poop and there's...
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    Somehow, It's Funny that Way

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    Goin' to the Dogs!

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    Yummy Home Grown Sprouts

    Thank you for the encouragement, Dahlia. Those were the ones - the mung bean sprouts. They "took off" immediately so this wasn't an seed viability problem. I imagine that they would have been okay to plant. The alfalfa was fine, a little stronger flavored than I remembered (maybe also because...
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    Your Weather, 2021

    @Marie2020 , tell us about Storm Arwen and your neighborhood, please. Did you lose electricity? I understand that rail service was shut down because of fallen trees. Steve where the sun came out for about 20 minutes this afternoon, after the fog finally lifted and just before a light rain...
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    Yummy Home Grown Sprouts

    Okay, That didn't work that well. Here's a question and I suspect that I know the answer. Was putting them in the kitchen window a bad idea? The sprouts have had almost zero direct sunlight but they began turning brown almost immediately after filling the jars. Steve
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    Tides puuulllll .... before the storm ... Ya know, Grandmas Garden, That is a very small town. With your photos, etc. a name for a larger area might be a good idea in the interest of anonymity. Just saying, as a guy who signs most posts and talks waaayyyy too much about neighbors ;). "Oh, that...
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    Dollars come, Dollars Go

    It's that time of year ;). Where did that "dollar" name come from? I've been doing a little reading, just curious. The "dollar" is from the German word for valley, thal. There was a German valley with mines that produced silver which was minted into coins. Quite productive mines, it seems. The...
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    It sure sounds like it will be - especially, if you are far enough north on that wetside of the mountains. We get through these recent "atmospheric rivers" with a very minimum amount of rain/snow. I was wrong about the ski areas not opening this weekend - some of them will. The nearest Snotel...
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    Good Morning. Breakfast is oatmeal, with honey and raisins, a nice pat of cream cheese, and a persimmon on the side. Now, to sit back in the living room with my cup of tea :). Steve who had peanut butter and honey on toast for a second breakfast yesterday so DW would have a choice of pumpkin...
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    best lawn tractor???

    @catjac1975 , the post between Nyboy's in 2018 and yours on Tuesday was taken off by Support. @flowerbug explains well the type of posts that show up and may not at first contain spam but usually end up throwing it at us. I have no idea how bots work. Nifty once said that he is glad when they...
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    Home Made Buttermilk

    When I decided that I must have become lactose intolerant, I stopped buying and drinking buttermilk. I miss it! For all sorts of things ... Since this intolerance in humans is a matter of degree, I think that cultured dairy products should be okay for me. So, I have continued to use dairy that...
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    I told DW that I'd come across a combination microwave/airfryer. Her eyebrows shot up! I may be in trouble. Recently, she couldn't turn on the new smart teevee, by remote or with the button. After checking the wire, I unplugged it, waited 20 seconds and plugged it back in. It started by...
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    Somehow, It's Funny that Way

    Rather than being amazed by them, some people think they understand animals.
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    Good Morning ... sitting here looking at kitchenware ads for Black Friday. And, reflecting on what I posted on @Marie2020 's thread about Appalachian life - wood cookstoves. What is the difference between an instant pot and a slow cooker - other than that instant/slow? What about an instant pot...
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    Alert on posts

    I'm not sure if I will want to continue trying to remember to check alerts before refreshing a page! This morning, there were no surprises until I scrolled down. There was @flowerbug liking a post by @ninnymary on @Alasgun 's greenhouse thread. I didn't remember Mary posting recently on the...
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    Thought of TEG Cat Owners

    Promised a plate of turkey and trimmings, the kitties find a way to while away the time until everything is out of the oven.
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    Garden humor thread..