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    Has anyone ever grown seedling in a cold garage?

    In the past we haven't been able to grow tomato, eggplant, pepper starts to a size that is suitable to flourish in our climate. Even a south facing window here gets a lot of 'not much' until it's way too late. Lettuce and other fast growing crops are fine. I bought some foam board at Home...
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    Has anyone ever grown seedling in a cold garage?

    I have a 2x4 closet in my attached, uninsulated garage I'd like to use as a mini greenhouse to get some plants started that aren't available locally. I'm thinking of tomatoes, peppers and eggplant varieties that we have grown in the past but have been pushed aside for younger sexier varieties...
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    Why don't these raspberries fruit??

    If you decide to uproot those raspberries I recommend an everbearing variety. The canes multiply fast and you get fruit early summer and late.
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    Here's a link to information about growing degree day requirements for tomatoes (GDD), 2nd post down I can get it locally from the Oregon State University farm website - the GDDs sure seem to accumulate slowly around here.
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    A Perennial Kale

    Our kale has pretty much all bolted except for some small volunteers next to the garlic - we're eating that in salads.:)
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    Tomatoes can fail to set fruit for lots of reasons - around here in the spring it's generally night time temps of <50 degrees.
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    How many blueberry bushes

    We have 6 bushes, three of them are 20 years old, the other three are 4 years old. So far we've picked about 35 cartons, mostly from the older bushes. The cartons hold ~12 oz. This is ideal country for blueberries, acidic soils and lots of moisture but I still added peat moss to the soil when we...
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    Planning a fall garden

    We plant kale into flats in the middle of July and set them out when they're ~5-6" tall. If I could find a variety of broccoli that would head up during cool weather I'd try that too but I'm not planting it as a home for aphids. :(
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    Here come my Fall Greens!

    Steve, The Maruba Santoh looks interesting, my wife doesn't generally like mustard greens but I might want to try that. What kind of temperatures, etc will that tolerate? We've had the best summer/early fall weather I can remember. Downright eerie, it's nearly 10pm and the temp outside is 72...
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    Can you winter over raspberries and strawberries in a pot?

    my wife had an everbearing raspberry in a pot that she carried from rental to rental for years. We still have the offspring some 40 years later but it seems to like the ground better as it fills a bed about 20 feet long. :)
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    Organic vs Chemicals.....

    I completely agree with Marshall with respects to Monsanto, they want nothing less that to control the world's food supply. As far as GMO I'm afraid you are misinformed: Europe has banned GMO foods as should any other civilized country. Hybrid is one thing but GMO constitutes a threat to...
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    Garden Bullies, lemon cukes

    We have a lot more of them than I anticipated :/ Once in a while I can tease out one of the delicious Zagross cukes that have been strangled by the lemons. I fight this battle with my SO every year - my plan for next season is to plant them alongside the ivy that's growing out of our...
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    We aren't going to let it go to seed, my wife grows Magenta Spreen Lambsquarter and they will cross. Pigweed, well we've got lots of that.
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    We planted some this summer as a cooking green (in this case red) and it does real well in the heat of summer. It tastes somewhat like spinach with the leaves being a little more robust. Polish Amaranth is the variety we planted. First time growing it and we plan to put some in next year too.
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    ready to give up warts for wrinkles? in the cucumber patch!

    Steve, that's more cukes in one pile than we'll have all season. Could have done better but my wife insists on planting lemon cukes in the same patch with the slicers - bad mistake, those lemons are predatory, take over the whole trellis :rolleyes:
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    Here come my Fall Greens!

    Steve, Here's more information than you really want about Siberian and Red Russian Kales from Seed Ambassadors: Bill
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    Here come my Fall Greens!

    Hi Steve, We usually start plants in 4" pots outside around July 15th and plant them when other crops are harvested (we planted them about 10 days ago) I've direct seeded too but seem to have better/earlier growth with plants. They usually make enough size ~18" by the time winter truly sets in...
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    Here come my Fall Greens!

    Steve, I think you've inspired me to plant some sort of asian green next fall, we usually only plant kale. Have you tried to make Kimchee with that bok choy?
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    I guess I don't really understand heirloom tomatoes . . ?

    Teka, I posted earlier on the thead about heirlooms in our neck of the woods so I won't repeat what I said there. I wanted to report that through today we have picked 32 lbs of Jetstar tomatoes from 3 vines. These tomatoes are thin skinned and tasty - you couldn't ship them across the county...
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    Need Kale recipes

    We grow and eat a lot of kale in the winter. Usually we just steam it and scoff it down but it's good in soups too. Lots of recipes for Caldo Verde on the web, uses leeks normally, here's a version that just uses onions and we like it just as well: Caldo Verde Onion Version Boston Phoenix ca...