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  1. beavis

    What else to plant? Southern California

    Hi guys and gals, I have tons of fruit trees such as apple, fig, plum, pear, peach, mulberry, asian pear, lemon,lime,orange, tangerine, blood orange and lemon planted and producing. And my herb garden is where I want it to be. So, that brings me to the main reason for this thread, I am...
  2. beavis

    Todays harvest

    Getting a little picking in before a large rainstorm hits...
  3. beavis

    Beavis's 2012 Garden

    Here are some pictures I took today of some of the things growing on in the garden. We got a nice well-needed rainstorm last night... Onions Cayenne Peppers Collards Beets Potatoes Swiss Chard Peas Arugula - going to seed Kale Mustard Greens Pea Seedlings Radish Seedlings
  4. beavis

    beav's 2011 winter garden (pics)

    My goal was to produce 1,000 lbs of produce this year and so far I am over 1,150 lbs for the year and counting! Here are some pictures I took this morning from the farm: Broccoli, Cabbage, Swiss Chard, Mesclun Mix Mesclun Mix Swiss Chard, Broccoli Peppers and Collard Greens...
  5. beavis

    winter garden

    First off, I have to apologize that I havent blogged in awhile. The combination of starting my new job (part-time) as a special education teacher and going to graduate school at night (full-time) has taken its toll on life in general. But if it wasnt for my connection to the garden, I would...
  6. beavis

    A different kind of Pie

    As in pie charts. I found this really cool application called pie color that allows you to make your own pie charts, and embed them in blogs, etc. I can't figure out how to embed it at TEG however. But you can view it here if you want to...
  7. beavis


    I have been doing research on this little "weed" and I am wondering if what I have growing is purslane. The first picture is a stock photo of purslane,the last two are growing as weeds in my garden. I am just wary if there is a lookalike plant that might be poisonous. Here is the low down on...
  8. beavis

    Monster tomato plants

    Look what happens when you water them! Now I stand 5' 9" , so I'm just saying.....
  9. beavis


    For the first year ever, the farm will have a peach harvest! For years, the birds have feasted on the ripening peaches leaving us with nothing. I have tried preventitive measures in the past such as bird -netting over the entire tree, but that never worked well and usually I would have to...
  10. beavis

    Anyone make their own soap?

    I've got a lot of Lavendar, rose, rosemary, etc growing right now and I was thinking of starting a new hobby of soap-making. I would like to do it with natural ingredients at best. Anyone have a link or information on how to get started?
  11. beavis

    Tomatoes: fruit set

    Worried about tomato fruit set: Is it too early in the season to worry? Most of my plants were transplanted into the ground in late February/March and they have grown into monsters so far. Some of them are over 4 feet tall already! This year when I enhanced my garden beds, I added a lots of...
  12. beavis

    Article: How to identify genetically-modified food at the supermarket
  13. beavis

    Garden Update

    Things are progressing nicely in the gardens. Thank goodness for spring break, it has allowed me the much needed time to catch up on the planting, weeding, repairing drip lines, etc. Their are already small zucchini, squash, tomatoes and peppers appearing on the plants. Pictures from today:
  14. beavis

    Help me add finishing touches to this garden.

    OK, looking for suggestions on things to add to this garden, if any. This is a functional vegetable garden dominated by raised beds. There are some flowers in the raised beds, but mostly vegetables that will be planted in all of the raised beds you see. Also in the picture is my solar oven in...
  15. beavis

    Time to plant?

    Our "winter" weather seems to be gone. The extended forecast is for the low-mid forties for LOWS for the next two weeks. After that, I just don't see the temps dropping into freezing levels in late March. So I am thinking about going for it, and putting out most of my beans, squash, tomatoes...
  16. beavis

    Snow in Southern California

    There is a first for everything! I wonder how these tomatoes, fruit blossoms and citrus will fare?
  17. beavis


    This is a fellow blogsters tree that is planted in the Pacific Northwest. any thoughts on what it is?
  18. beavis

    New Blog launched!

    I finally have got my new blog site up and running, as of today officially. I am still learning the tools and tips of the new host site, but so far I like what it has to offer. Want to follow the happenings on my farm? Check out the blog here...
  19. beavis

    Life's good

    I just got 12 cubic feet of well-rotted horse manure delivered...for free. With a promise of as much as I want in the future! How killer is that!