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    Garden Spacing

    How wide would you recommend making walking paths in the garden?
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    Baked Beans

    I read somewhere (I thought it was a thread on here, but now I can't find it) that Scarlet Runner Beans make good baked beans. I mentioned it to the owner of our local garden store last time I was in there and she said she had never heard of them for anything but ornamentals. Before I buy and...
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    Something is eating my fruit trees

    I have 5 fruit trees in my yard that I planted last spring. They are only about 2-3 feet tall and are in a fenced area. I just went out to check on them and have noticed the bark at the bottoms of three of them is getting eaten. I'm assuming rabbits or something of that nature?? I put some...
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    Do blackberries cross-pollinate?

    I want to try starting some blackberry plants and after some research would like to try both the Doyles Thornless and the Triple Crown. My question is can I plant both of these in the same area or will the cross-pollinate and lose there distinctive traits?
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    Looking for the best yellow watermelon

    I'm looking for the best yellow watermelon to grow in Central Indiana this summer...suggestions? I've had a little luck with Crimson Sweet in the past and have been reading how to have better luck this year. So, with all my new found knowledge I decided to try that again and add a yellow...
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    I've never grown potatoes before, but am going to give it a try this year. I'm looking for one that keeps we don't eat a ton of them. Any suggestions?
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    I just polished of a jar of these wonderful little peppers tonight and got to thinking that surely I could make my own next year. Wondering if anyone can tell me what kind of peppers I should grow and how to pickle them properly (if that's what you call it). I've never canned before but had...
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    Past trouble with peas

    I am going on my third year of gardening and have never had much luck with peas. Honestly, I don't know what kind I planted the first year, but last year I did the Super Sugar Snap. I get about half of them to germinate and though it's a poor percentage, the ones that do germinate look great...
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    What blackberry variety do you recommend?

    I'm considering starting some blackberries this spring as I've been reading that they are foolproof...and I will surely put that to the test! What is your favorite variety and why?
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    Need advice about wild apple trees

    We have three good size wild apple trees growing on our property - no idea how old they are. They produce some, but the apples are never very healthy looking (worms eat them, brown spots on them, etc). Was wondering if anyone has any advice on what to do with them to improve them?
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    Best Mint for Peppermint Tea

    Is there a particular variety of peppermint plant that anyone recommends growing for use in making good tea?
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    Composting eggs

    We are currently worming our chickens and I have two questions regarding composting with this. First, we must discard 14 days worth of eggs. Are raw eggs safe for the compost pile. Second, we plan to clean out the coop after 14 days as well. Is it safe to put the bedding/poo from the coop in...
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    The leaves on my pepper plants are turning black

    I have sweet pepper and hot pepper plants and all the leaves on them seem to be turning black. The plants look healthy other than this normal? The only thing I can think of is that we did have a spotty frost a couple weeks back (and I accidentally left them uncovered), but none of...
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    What is eating my bush beans?

    I just put out some bush bean starts last week and already something is devouring the leaves. Every leaf on a dozen plants (even the newest leaves) have little holes all over them. I have looked at the plants and don't see any bugs, but clearly something is eating them. What can I do to stop...
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    I have a dwarf sargeant crabapple tree in my landscaping that has grown suckers since we put it in. I cut them off, but it seems that the more I cut them the thicker and fuller they grow back. Any advice as to how to get rid of them or what I should do?