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  1. YourRabbitGirl

    Thank you for having me!!..

    Thank you for having me!!.. It's Great to have this forum. we learn a lot and most of your topics are extremely relevant. Thank you very much and Keep it up!!
  2. YourRabbitGirl

    I'm Kindof A Big Dill

    I'm sure we all are. ;) Hello! I'm an urban gardener and a big fan of herbs and I love looking at my cute pots of thyme, basils, mints, dill, and rosemary. Aside from the wonderful smell, I add them to my cooking--which is another thing I love to do. I also have gardenias and poinsettias, but...
  3. YourRabbitGirl

    Urban Gardenia Gardening

    Who has tried urban gardening? I have a small Rosal (Gardenia family) plant on my balcony outside my room. Although it is thriving, it hasn't flowered yet. What can I do to encourage flowering?