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  1. HmooseK

    Haley's Purple Comet & Dice's Mystery Black

    Tomato taste comparison tomorrow
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  3. HmooseK

    A few small tomatoes

  4. HmooseK


    This is my first time growing Lithuanian. It's going to be a monster. My Mom checks it everyday. It won't be long till it does a disappearing act.
  5. HmooseK

    Anybody like carrots

    i pulled one to check them this morning.
  6. HmooseK

    first tomatoes

    First Tomatoes were picked today. These are Mini Gold.
  7. HmooseK

    Thessaloniki Oxheart

    This bad boy is doing great here in Texas.
  8. HmooseK

    Hi from Texas

    Hi. I'm pretty new here. I hang out mostly in the bean thread. I used to be a large scale gardener, but age and health caught up with me. These days a few tomatoes, beans, okra and cowpeas are mostly what I grow. This year, I hope to continue working on stabilizing a miniature Okra. I'm on F4...