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  1. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Scotch Bonnets Finally Ripening

    It's always such a long wait (90+ days just for plant maturity) for these guys, but very worth it. I have three plants going in my basement each with a good amount of peppers on them and they've finally started turning color in the last two days. I never really mark down when I start them but...
  2. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    What're your number of lettuce plants?

    It all boils down to these questions: How many lettuce plants are the right amount? Do you keep germinating and planting more over the course of a season? Both in summer and winter I normally grow peppers and tomatoes, you know, plants that just keep producing and producing and aren't...
  3. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Horse Manure (Trail Gold)

    I've had a belief since I was a child that was given to me by a local regional park ranger: horse manure is the best, that's why we call it trail gold This is why when we bought our land I looked up a couple of local horse farms and asked if I could come get some manure to spread around my...
  4. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Mouse effing with my acorns?

    So I had recently planted aome red oak, pin oak and buckeye seeds in my seedling closet and I recently found two of my red oaks and one of my pin oaks with their sprout tips laying on the top of the dirt. In two of the cases I couldn't even find the acorn and in the other it was on top of the...
  5. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Sprig - Winter 2019 -> 2020

    Every winter I grow peppers and tomatoes. Some winters I've been dumb enough to think I can bring stuff in from outside and skip around seed starting for INDOOR ONLY and every one of those times it ends in ruin. This year it's going good as I did not bring anything in, save the bananas that...
  6. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Banana Hoarding

    Getting the tent set for winter with my normal set of peppers and tomatoes, but I also had a couple of bananas that were a bit too young to overwinter in my furnace room, so I needed to plant them. I might have a hording problem :/ My wife shakes her head a bit but she does love banana plants...
  7. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Ignored tomatoes

    These are two tomato plants from last winter in 3gal pots. When I moved things outside in the spring I just tossed these outside. I haven't watered them or cared for them at all and here they are still fighting the odds and kicking out some children. Haha.
  8. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    That's bananas!!!

    Aside from my normal garden stuff I thought I'd start a specific thread on my trials, tribulations and success with all my banana plants, since it seems to bring some smiles to a few of you We moved last year and the previous house took too long to sell, so of the 6 or so banana plants I had...
  9. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Wild leeks / ramps bare root availability

    Anyone out there know anyplace that still has bare root leeks available? My wife wants to plant some and everyplace I've seen, minus etsy, is sold out. The "seeds" are available but I was hoping for bare root stock.
  10. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Corn rows - tips?

    So we're going to try growing some corn this year. We've never done this before, so I'm looking to avoid any mistakes any of you might ha e previously done. One thing I have taken in: Don't plant two different varieties within close (400') proximity unless you stagger their plantings so the...
  11. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Creating nametags for plants

    Hey, So I'm wanting to create a nametag for each of the trees I will be putting in the ground for my tree farm. The idea is to mark each tree, since they'll be in tree tubes, with a laminated card that identifies the species, an ID number (tracking & inventory purposes) and an indicator of the...
  12. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Purchasing Compressed vs Loose Soil

    I've always bought bags of loose soil, and have generally stuck with Fox Farm as a brand, but now that I need to fill a lot of pots I'm looking around at What my best financially smart options are and I'm seeing compressed bales of soil. Seems like a 3.8cu bale is truly 7cu of soil Does anyone...
  13. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    New Trailer

    Picked up my first trailer the other day for $1800. I'll redo the decking and build some walls for it and with some luck it should serve my family well :)
  14. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Need a small water pump

    As I said in my auger thread I now need to figure out a pump for my irrigation line but I have no idea what I need to get. So, if anyone has some knowledge on water pumps I would love to hear it. To help with that I drew a diagram of what will essentially be my setup and numbered a few points...
  15. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Need a 14" Auger

    So in the spring and summer I will be putting my trees in pots in the ground for my farm. This will be my first year doing this, so I'll be learning a good amount, but one thing I'll need is an auger to dig the holes for the Pot in Pot pots. I know NOTHING about augers but I obviously...
  16. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Built some bins

    So now that we're in a permanent place I decided to get a bit more serious about some composting. I build a single unit of three bins and am now covering the inaides with chicken wire and next will build somw sort of top (I have no clue) The idea is that each bin holds 4 months worth of...
  17. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Red Oak?

    I want to say it's a northern red oak, but is it? I keep second guessing myself and thinking "is it pin oak?" But the tree profile doesnt look right for a pin Here's the bark
  18. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Sprig Winter Growing - 2018 / 2019

    Well, it's about time to start seeding for winter growing. This winter will be tomatoes (Nebraska Wedding & Sweet Pea Currant), peppers (Scotch Bonnets & Jalapenos), basil (Thai and Genovese) and some spinach. Super excited since with all our moving and renovations we didn't have a garden this...
  19. SprigOfTheLivingDead

    Wooly Aphid

    So this is a new one for me. I was out watering my apple trees and noticed what appeared to be a fungus but I guess is actually a wooly aphid. Anyone have personal experience with dealing with this and successfully getting rid of it? Never ran into this before. So many new things on 10 acres...
  20. SprigOfTheLivingDead


    We're hitting the end of the second month in our new place. We have chicken coops up, trees in the ground and compost bins partially built, so I figured today would be a good day to cut/pull thistle to burn. I got a ton done but the fire went out of my belly when I started running into a...