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  1. AMKuska

    Happy Birthday to Pulsgleaner

    Happy birthday!
  2. AMKuska

    Any idea what this weed is?

    That's definitely it. It looks like that when it get bigger. I had no idea it was edible! Maybe I'll try it one time.
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    Any idea what this weed is?

    I just started taking pictures of the various insects and weeds in my garden, and I'd love to start learning their names and what they are. Anyone know what this one is?
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    Composting for an urban environment

    How much are you composting, and what is in it? For kitchen scraps, I've heard the bokashi method can be done indoors. It's unique because it can do meat and dairy, but the trade off is it can't touch plant roots directly until it has been mixed in for 2 weeks.
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    The garden bug is back

    I went out to check and see what needs to be done in the garden today, and since it was a warm day I brought my daughter with me. She decided to help out by fluffing my dirt for me. It needed a good fluffing. She somehow got dirt in her diaper while wearing a onesie.
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    I Have Full Kennel And Flu.

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    Amarylis help

    This must have been a high end one I guess. It's now got two blooms on it and that will be the third total since it started. When he gave it to me I set it on my desk and forgot about it, and it burst out of the box unplanted! I decided if it wanted to grow so bad I'd pot it up, and it has been...
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    Ducks Birthday!

    Happy birthday @ducks4you
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    Amarylis help

    So my husband got me a cute little amarylis kit. It comes with a bulb, a pot, and the soil. I planted it following instructions, and as promised it grew into a HUGE and beautiful flower. It has produced two flowers so far. It also appears to be growing a baby somehow. There's a tiny baby...
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    Dog advice please...

    That's really great! It's probably a relief to him to know clearly and definitely that "This" (what ever you click for) is what you want. We humans can be terribly sloppy about showing wanted behaviors. :) It's really helped me too.
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I'm going to do the whole season in the greenhouse this year. I just want to see what happens. :) I'm really happy with it so far. It's a pleasant place to take the kids and look at things for a while. Pics finally showed up on my computer, so I added them!
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    Insect invasion "HELP"

    I agree it's probably fungus gnats. One part hydrogen peroxide to 4 parts water sprayed on the soil kills the larva and doesn't harm the plant.
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    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I'm taking full advantage of the wonderful greenhouse my husband got me a few years ago, and growing a garden over the winter. My big garden is resting with calcium and other amendments my husband tilled in this year, so I won't be out there trying to chip holes in the surface in January. I...
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    Dog advice please...

    That's great! :) I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me.
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    Dog advice please...

    Actually, the book specifically mentions this. There's instructions on how to teach a dog how to play ball, and how to turn 'sniffing' into a reward you can use. As far as treats, the book mentions the same thing. It was very interesting. So far the advice has gotten my dog's attention 110%...
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    Dog advice please...

    I'm currently reading a book called, "When Pigs Fly! Training Success with Impossible Dogs." The book is specifically geared towards training dogs who have been bred for independent thinking. Terriers, Basenjis, Akitas, basically any dog who isn't panting at your feet begging you to give them...
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    Happy Thanksgiving. :) After so many bummer years, this one was pretty good. My daughter decided to walk more than 1-2 steps for the first time today. My MIL hosted a wonderful dinner, and didn't mind when we snuck off for a bit to explore her woods/climb in her treehouse, and do all the things...
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    Panic attacks

    It's possible. Bacteria in our gut actually have a lot to do with mood, weight, and of course immunity. A study done in mice found that if you take lines of mice bred to be aggressive/passive, remove the bacteria from their digestive tract, and replace it with bacteria from the opposite line...
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    ?? Roo just died?

    OMG, you can't leave the story just like that. What happened? Was he sick and being examined, or just randomly keeled over?
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    ?? Roo just died?

    Wow! It is so much easier to post a picture now.