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  1. Just-Moxie

    User ID name change

    Is there a way to request a name change? I think I did one over in the chicken forum. Maybe time now to do one here. TIA
  2. Just-Moxie

    Books-cookbooks, gardening books, ??? books

    Okay, so when I move in with Dad, his request is that I try to sell as much as possible of late step moms stuff. She was a voracious reader. She has probably 20ft worth of books I need to sell. I haven't even touched them yet. I am still working my way through her sewing room and the...
  3. Just-Moxie

    Family history

    O.M.Gee....what a shock. I have recently learned my Dad is basically a "city boy"! And here all these years I have known him, over 50+ years, he claimed to be a "country boy". Hmmm.....what an odd realization. I tried to talk to him about chickens....that's when he tells me he knows...
  4. Just-Moxie

    Composting for an urban environment

    So, this new year finds me in a whole different setting. Instead of 1 acre in the boonies, I am now in a suburban city environment with an HOA. I will still compost, but now see I need to come up with some sort of smaller hidden bin. A large planter perhaps? I have been looking online...
  5. Just-Moxie

    Chickens are gone

    I re-homed my tiny flock of chickens last Sunday. A nice young single mom where DH works wanted them. She has 2 children, 12 and 7. I think they will all do fine.
  6. Just-Moxie

    Another member relocating.

    While I was away, at my stepmothers memorial, my Dad decided he wants for me to move back to MO to help him in his late years. He is 93 going on 94....and he REALLY needs someone there at home with him. I am the only logical one of his 3 daughters who can actually help him on a daily basis...
  7. Just-Moxie

    I have a GREAT crop of.......

    Garden spiders!! :lol: I started watching them the past 2 years. Last year I had 9 adult females, who made a dozen egg sacks. Some of the poor ladies succumbed to the local critters. My Diva game hen, she ate one. :he They don't usually eat spiders. I took one spider inside, and the cats...
  8. Just-Moxie

    Clematis propagation

    I have some established clematis I am considering taking with me when I finally get to leave. However, the roots are buried under a mess of brambles, rose bushes, rocks, etc. Has anyone ever grown clematis by cuttings? What I have read on the seed pods, it may take up to 3 years to...
  9. Just-Moxie

    Nyboy passed away!

    To all of Alex's Clients & Friends... This is Alex's niece, Barbara, I manage the Facebook page for the Kennel & Pet Spa. Our family is extremely devastated and saddened to report that Alex suddenly passed away yesterday. We are trying to work through this right now and I will keep everyone...
  10. Just-Moxie

    Kissing bugs

    I have caught 3 this past week. By the side door. Fully grown and ready to feed. I fed them to my collection of huge golden orb spider ladies. Now, the first 2 kissing bugs.....the spiders....even being larger than the kissing bugs....stayed clear away from their mouth parts. Did most of...
  11. Just-Moxie

    My hen is crowing's a game bird thing. I went out this morning, to do the chicken chores. I have 8 hens and a roo in the main coop, and 2 in the infirmary coop. So, I was walking up the driveway, towards the coops. I heard the rooster next door crow. Then mine crowed to reply. Then......a...
  12. Just-Moxie

    You aren't gonna believe this!!

    So, I am sitting in my kitchen this morning, dinking about online....and one of the new kittens want's up on my lap. Ok. Put kitten on my lap. I suddenly smell a baaaad smell. Ok. Kitty fart. Nope. It was skunk. A skunk had gotten under the house, and apparently ran into one of the...
  13. Just-Moxie

    Well don't that just beat all...grumble grumble

    Today, I was cooking up a smaller turkey just for DH and myself. I made pumpkin pie first. Libby canned pumpkin. Store bought shell. 1 pie. that pie too ...2.5 hours! Just to bake :th I thought that was odd, considering they usually take maybe an hour 15 minutes. So, I finally pull out...
  14. Just-Moxie

    Whatever happened to @marshshallsmyth?

    Has anybody heard from him at all lately? I took a long break myself, but have noticed he is absent in posting. I remember he had to move, and said he wouldn't be here much. I miss his posts. @marshallsmyth
  15. Just-Moxie

    I am back..what...nobody missed me?

    :frow----- :hit
  16. Just-Moxie

    Oh no!! I almost ruined the punkin' pie!! :((

    It has finally arrived. Old age...well, ok..LATE middle age. I baked 2 pumpkin pies this morning, and used the recipe on the can. Libby's can. Is it just me or is the print actually being printed smaller :ep I mis-read the measure for sugar. I read the recipe several times....and was...
  17. Just-Moxie

    Everything is turning Green!!

    with algae...that is. We have had so much rain here lately. Almost daily. Everything outside, and some things inside.....are starting to compost. :barnie We have vinyl siding on the house. On the Woodshop/garage, on the extra build on we use for the master bedroom. On the store front...
  18. Just-Moxie

    Pressure Cooker Cuisine

    Tonights menu was beef stroganoff. I love to use the pressure cooker because it turns out a nice tender flavorful entree. Or veggie. My pressure cooker was my moms Mirro-Matic, from the 50's. It was one of the few things I wanted when she passed on. Does anyone else use a pressure cooker?
  19. Just-Moxie

    Cole slaw recipes

    Now THAT'S good eatin'. Coleslaw. I am making some this go with WV slaw dogs on the menu tonight. I never made it I had only saw it made with the hand grater. :eek: I didn't care for grating my I just didn't make it very often. MIL...she uses her food...
  20. Just-Moxie

    The Disappearance of Coarse Stone Ground corn meal

    I have baked with the coarse stone ground corn meal now since 1979. It had body. It gave cornbread character, allowed the baking soda to rise the bread, it provided a delicious base to soak up the broths and soups and chilis. Now...what is this stuff they sell? It is so finely ground that it...