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  1. AMKuska

    Any idea what this weed is?

    I just started taking pictures of the various insects and weeds in my garden, and I'd love to start learning their names and what they are. Anyone know what this one is?
  2. AMKuska

    The garden bug is back

    I went out to check and see what needs to be done in the garden today, and since it was a warm day I brought my daughter with me. She decided to help out by fluffing my dirt for me. It needed a good fluffing. She somehow got dirt in her diaper while wearing a onesie.
  3. AMKuska

    Amarylis help

    So my husband got me a cute little amarylis kit. It comes with a bulb, a pot, and the soil. I planted it following instructions, and as promised it grew into a HUGE and beautiful flower. It has produced two flowers so far. It also appears to be growing a baby somehow. There's a tiny baby...
  4. AMKuska

    AMKuska's 2020 Garden

    I'm taking full advantage of the wonderful greenhouse my husband got me a few years ago, and growing a garden over the winter. My big garden is resting with calcium and other amendments my husband tilled in this year, so I won't be out there trying to chip holes in the surface in January. I...
  5. AMKuska

    ?? Roo just died?

    I was hoping one of you chicken lovers might know what the heck just happened. I can't access BYC for some reason. I was just looking out the window at my chickens, and my 9 month old silkie roo suddenly collapsed, thrashed a couple times, and then died. I'd been out there less than 15 minutes...
  6. AMKuska

    Sunday's my big day!

    I've mentioned a few times on TEG that I'm running a Spartan Race, and it's this Sunday!! I'm really excited and really nervous. My son is going to run the kids race, and my daughter has a pink spartan costume so she can be our mascot. My friend is coming to watch the kids while I'm running...
  7. AMKuska

    Happy Birthday Rin

    Our daughter turned 1 year old today! <3 Happy birthday to my garden bug.
  8. AMKuska

    Is this a hard year for wildlife?

    It seems like we had a pretty average winter and spring, and a somewhat moody summer. I can't say that I've noticed any extra development in my area, or anything that might push animals out of their natural habitat, but the animals in my area have been hungry. We've had a sharp increase in...
  9. AMKuska

    Watched threads

    I am following "Chronicles of a noob gardener" and it seems that, even though I have watched the thread, I don't get any alerts when it updates me. I don't know if its the same for other watched threads, but I really enjoy following this thread. Is it maybe because I don't reply very often?
  10. AMKuska

    A garden bug is eating ALL my peas!!!

    ...Isn't she cute? :D She found the pile of peas I had picked and said to herself, "That's exactly the sort of thing a baby should be eating!"
  11. AMKuska

    Cabbage Maggots

    I had my first run in with cabbage maggots when I pulled a dikon that was oddly wilting. I found some small holes chewed into it, and when I opened it up there was a big black cavern and the inside had lots of tiny white bugs. DISGUSTING! I've been spraying these guys with neem to deal with...
  12. AMKuska

    So hot...

    It's 90 degrees here in Tacoma area. My daughter has been meatloafing around the house in various miserable positions. My son is oblivious and wants to go to the park and run 100 laps around it. x.x Is it hot where you are? How are you surviving?
  13. AMKuska

    LOTS OF HELP wrapping presents.

    Watcha doing mom? Can I help? Paperwork is so time consuming. Let me help you with some of it. Yep, this is high quality paper. Perfect for brother. I'm supposed to wrap the present? What if I am the present? Here, this spot right here is just perfect! We're out of wrap? It seemed...
  14. AMKuska

    Recipes for VERY FILLING meals

    Today, I went to get my breakfast bars and found them completely gone. My son, eyes wide, said, "But I had to eat them all. There was no milk!" Because he drank all the milk. For dinner he ate two HUGE plates of spaghetti, all of his bread, and then I caught him walking off with my bread off...
  15. AMKuska

    Pickling question

    My husband is on a quest to grow pickles this year. He tried last year and did not get any cucumbers. He wanted to know if he took juice from a jar of commercial pickles (after it is emptied) and used that, would it pickle the cucumbers? I have a ton of recipes we can use, but I think he...
  16. AMKuska

    Chicken food ideas

    My husband wants to create a "Chicken Garden" on the back of our property. Basically a bunch of plants such as lettuce that are fast growing, easy to grow, and will provide enough fun for the chickens before the plant is completely destroyed by ravaging claws and beaks. Any ideas on what sort...
  17. AMKuska

    AMKuska's 2019 Garden Thread

    The traditional January Gardening Fever has begun. Only, this time I'm not the only one! My husband and son also caught the fever to get planting. Thankfully, due to the WONDERFUL gift my husband got me in 2017, we can start plants just fine in my greenhouse! Last week we swept, cleared out...
  18. AMKuska

    How to grow the biggest, the best, the HUGEST pumpkin in the world

    My son saw a large pumpkin at the pumpkin patch yesterday, and now he wants to grow one. Not just any pumpkin mind you but... The Biggest. The Best. THE HUGEST pumpkin in the whole world. I figured since he saw his sunflowers all the way through we could try a pumpkin, and he can start it in...
  19. AMKuska

    Leaves falling off pepper plants

    My husband is keeping some jalapeno peppers in my greenhouse. Recently, the otherwise healthy looking plants have started dropping their leaves. Does anyone know why they might be doing that?
  20. AMKuska

    Plant identification: Boise, Idaho

    My MIL was vacationing in Idaho and found this plant by the side of the road in a desertish area. Any idea what it might be?