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  1. kathyschix

    Garden, eggs and Lily!

    Lily the Welsummer started crouching just as we were getting ready to leave for a week's vacation. :he We had friends chicken sitting while we were gone but I hoped she would wait to start laying until mommy...I mean until I got home. :fl Not only did she not wait, neither did Ruby the RIR...
  2. kathyschix

    Help me ID this please?!?

    Weed? Flower? :barnie Perhaps this is why I can't grow anything in containers??? :rant :lau :rant
  3. kathyschix

    Some garden pix from today :-)

    This started because I thought my peas were just so pretty that I had to get the camera out. :D They took forever to grow this year but have really taken off in the last week or so. And I had forgotten that some of the pods were going to be purple/blue. :P Blue Podded Heirloom Garden Pea...
  4. kathyschix

    What's growing today...

    Hi folks! I love seeing pictures of everyone else's garden and it was so nice out today I thought I would take a few pictures of what is coming up in mine. :D Anybody want to help me plant some onions? Hehe. Asparagus...planting the asparagus bed was last years big project. Peas...