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  1. desertlady

    zucchini got teeth!

    I picked a strange zucchini this morning, looks like more is forming inside of it .. weird.. :idunno
  2. desertlady

    whats another name for vine borers????

    AURRRRRGGGG!!!!!! :he vine borers found my garden !:barnie:somad
  3. desertlady


    Do Bees count as animals? Anyway after long dry summer , no signs of bees. They finally show up since we got rain last week ! My garden is growing like crazy now !! The color of my plants are glowing and looking healthy again!! Thank you Bees !! :bee:bouquet
  4. desertlady

    Garden humor thread..

    Thats me !!
  5. desertlady

    everything's smaller

    This year is my worst year ever for having a garden! Im not the only one , because my neighbors garden isnt doing well either. We were talking and notice that our produce is smaller then ever! Some hardly ever grown. Our tomatoes, we will have a big bush with 3 tomatoes:( Peppers grew about...
  6. desertlady


    How do you keep lizards out of the garden? Everytime my plants sprouts, they are eating them! They dont eat if my plants grow past 2 inches!. right now Im growing more seeds in my seed starter pots . I think the drought is bad this year! I didnt have problems with lizards before! Also I...
  7. desertlady

    zuccini gone wild!

    I have a zuccini thats out of my reach and was surprise how big it was it grew over 15 inches. it felt like it weigh over 3 pounds. I was wonder any one ever let it grow and how big did the zuccini grow?
  8. desertlady

    moles or gophers ?grrr!

    This morning I found some "Mountians" I was wondering those smoke bombs do they work? does it kill them or make them move on? does it do the same for mice and rabbits..
  9. desertlady

    To soak or not to soak ??

    I was reading some old seed catalogs, some says to soak beans, and other says beans dont like to be soaked ! I have soaked my beans over night, It has sprouted. How to you grow your beans?
  10. desertlady

    Hate grub worms!!!

    Early spring I worked hard to tilled the dirt over, I pulled out so many and fed the chickens ! I bought some granuals that will kill them right in the garden. the other day, I went to loosen up the soil and found more. Grrrr!
  11. desertlady

    Dam burst !!

    I woke up this morning to find out my water pipe broke! , My poor roosters feet are stuck in mud ! what a mess ! :barnie
  12. desertlady


    Im growing cilantro for the first time. Someone told me that I will need to cut them back before it flowers. I dont have a CLUE what to look for ! How much do I need to trim or ???? :hu They are about an inch right now. Lori
  13. desertlady

    Rabbits from Mars?

    Im in a battle with cottontail rabbits ! I never had a problem with them in the past. Now they found my garden! Last night I put chicken wire around my garden. This morning I came across the strangest thing I ever saw ! little patches of chicken feed around my garden ! NO kids were around...
  14. desertlady

    wind... geee!

    when is wind ever going to end? its been very windy here everyday! its been putting a lot of stressed on my plants. Does that means dryer summer? I hope not!
  15. desertlady

    I eplained to him I was gardening.. Today I buried Punkin....

    I was working on my garden the other day, my neighbor a 6 year old boy ask me who died?? I explained to him Im planting vegetable seeds.. :lau
  16. desertlady

    Red Cardinal

    After 4 days of freezing weather in Southern Arizona this Red Cardinal shows up in my garden :)
  17. desertlady

    Happy Fall!

    Today is first day of Fall ! Here in my town will be 100 degrees ! my garden is still growing , how about yours?
  18. desertlady

    "sigh" more worms !

    Fall is coming around the corner! I found few more worms !!
  19. desertlady

    Burning Garden

    I have a friend that he burns his garden after the season ends. He says it helps get rid of unwanted weeds, pests, and old volunteer veggies and seeds. I have never done this before ! I always tilled them up good every year.! It got me thinking maybe sounds like a good idea , or...
  20. desertlady

    Early winter?

    Do you think we will have early winter? I keep hearing about some places are getting "cold front" the sun kinda of went to bed a little bit early too. I wonder what Punxsutawney Phil has to say?