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    The Lazy Gardener, 2020 edition

    Just wanted to start a garden thread of my own, so I quit hijacking others threads. Also a good way to be accountable in how often I get out there and work! My lawn and garden goals this year: 1) Fence in the side yard for the dog. If money allows, fence in the front side yard for him as...
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    Dog advice please...

    Hi there, I am having a problem with my new dog that is really stumping me, so I could use some advice. Earlier this summer, my family rescued a starving great pyrenees that had been on his own for months. He's an awesome dog and he meshes well with us, but now that we have had him a while and...
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    Winter Reading Material

    Am on the lookout for good gardening books to read this winter while it is cold. Picked up a copy of a raised bed vegetable book: Grow All You Can Eat in 3 Square Feet. Anybody have any favorites to recommend?
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    Changing my garden hardscaping

    After a two year experiment, I have decided raised beds for my vegetables is going to be my best solution for my situation. Next week I am planning on adding several more raised beds, then mulching them to rest all winter before planting next spring. I have a question though, my test plot is a...
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    A rhubarb experiment

    Everyone always says to get rhubarb crowns when a friend divides...but nobody I know grows rhubarb. The old farmstead my father knew of that had it got plowed under last year. I love the stuff....the more ways I find to fix it, the more I love it. I found an old pack of rhubarb seeds in my...
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    Sweat Bees

    Are keeping me from working outside at the moment....they are swarming everywhere and everything. Will misquito repellent work on them? I picked them out of my hair yesterday, just from walking to get my mail. I am allergic to bee stings....halp!
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    How much time do you spend working in your garden?

    I am that the days are getting shorter, I am losing gardening time. I did the bulk of my work in the mornings while it was still cool before I went to work, but now I'm driving to work in the dark. After work is usually a no go for me, unless I can do it in five minutes or less...
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    Planning for next year already....need fencing ideas

    with the extreme heat here this week, no actual gardening is happening until it cools off a little. I am sitting here with garden plans for next year, and a list of issues and other thoughts i have had so far this year to implement next spring. I grow my veg in raised beds, after a couple of...
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    Hello from central illinois! I am still new to gardening, although I did help out in my family's garden as a kid. I currently have a very old, very rough farmyard I am trying to make productive again. Right now my biggest nemesis is the bindweed... Hoping to find lots of inspiration and more...