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    How you keeping yourself busy?

    The last few weeks have made me really question staying in the grocery business...I have only worked in it a few years, but the past few weeks are like nothing I have ever seen before. Being caught between a company looking to make more money from the crisis and scared belligerent customers has...
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    How you keeping yourself busy?

    Had the busiest day at work we have had since the shelter in place started, but there are confirmed cases of covid19 in the county now. Sent the fifth employee home in our area of the store with flu like systems, the average time before release to work is five days. In the last three weeks I...
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    I managed to get out and and look at my garden today, which is more than I've done in the past three weeks...I will be so glad when my work schedule goes back to normal and I have free time again.
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    Ready for Self-Sufficient Gardening?

    I'm not ready for it...yet. The garden we had when I was a child could have produced most of our vegetable needs across the year, but it would have needed much more intensive management than we ever bothered with. There's still space here for a garden that size, but I would have to reclaim it...
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    How you keeping yourself busy?

    Thanks for all the well wishes! I have no say in the cart sanitizing, that is nowhere near my realm of responsibilities, we are just doing the best we can with what we have. Henless, I couldn't even imagine working at a Wal-mart atm...I just work at a tiny county grocery store. Your daughter...
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    How you keeping yourself busy?

    Working long/extra hours here too. Have chemical burns on my hands from all the disinfecting at work, despite gloves. We now have to sanitize each cart or shopping basket for customers before and after use, no exceptions. They are using diluted bleach for that, which sets off my asthma and...
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    How you keeping yourself busy?

    I am exempt from shelter-in-place, but I have been trying to spend as much time at home as possible. I have been walking the dog back through the fields, spring cleaning my house, and trying to get a quilt I am working on finished.
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    Weather Where You Are

    It was cold and rainy here this morning, I started a small fire in the fireplace to take the chill off the house. The temp has steadily rose all day, we are supposed to get storms tonight. Mary if you are going to the store just for an item on sale and it will upset you if it isn't there...
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    The Lazy Gardener, 2020 edition

    After dealing with all of the panicked shoppers, (please please PLEASE be nice to your local supermarket employees right now, they need it) today was my first day off in a week and a half. I could have worked again today and gone a full two weeks between days off, but I desperately needed a day...
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    Is anyone else stress gardening?

    It is still too early and too wet here to do anything, but I have been walking through my garden daily, and puttering with my seedlings inside.
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    What Did You Do In The Garden?

    Still pulling major hours at work, coming home, sleeping it off, and going back. I did manage to buy a rhubarb crown yesterday on the way home. Will hopefully find a place to plant it this weekend!
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    bay, I think i have that same variety...I am so excited to try it!
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    PI DAY Pie!!!

    The pies look wonderful! Local store had some rhubarb...there is a strawberry rhubarb pie in my future this week!
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    n95 dust masks

    I have survived day two of the flupocalypse shopping. We are understaffed and overworked...this morning we had enough extra toilet paper and paper towels that we boxed up several pallets to ship to a bigger town that was completely out. By the time I left, we had moved everything we had and...
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    n95 dust masks

    All of the local school events have been cancelled here, as is any event with more than a thousand people. The grocery store I work at has been consistently up in sales for two weeks. We are out of hand sanitizer, but we still have enough paper products for half the county. Just this morning...
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    Talk to me about "no till" gardens

    Lol yes, I know that too :) Luckily my friend's compost heap gets HOT...I have never had a problem with seeds sprouting from her composted manure, as long as I'm careful to take from the oldest part of her pile. It sits on an old concrete slab and gets turned weekly.
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    Talk to me about "no till" gardens

    I have a friend who raises horses and gets hay from multiple sources...and being horse hay instead of feed for animals meant for food, she doesn't worry much about it being sprayed, but more about the price and how well the horses eat it. I have gotten composted manure from her for my gardens...
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    Talk to me about "no till" gardens

    I tried it using local materials that I had on hand. I ended up accidentally poisoning my soil with a herbicide that passes through the animal and doesn't degrade when composted when adding a layer of composted horse manure to my garden. It was a horror story of epic proportions... After...
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    what was your.....

    As a kid my favorite board games were candyland and sorry. As an adult we play more monopoly than anything